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We've been told if we do it were hey told massage in a stick races sexist herm a phobic trends hope it because he deserved to bet it now i think we're the we're those cause is not just people warriors every tool stuff now seems to companies by violence precipitated by the mets to this given up for tending because about free speech and now what it does your system is you know for the vs also what is it does two things first of all it convince his you this okay to hit nazis all the face of it sounds alright i mean which is spencer got punched in dc and i mean i mean i sources kev because i kind of kev because that it like anyone versus the anyone in pain but if you they punch will face is that i think is probably the list as well one no way that man touch or sexual he was already so now he'll right now that he did not a member of that movement never been they lie about me is that it they kick bittersweet you'd like this but this post that it's okay to punch nazis and the call everyone nazis they hope a juiced you never shut up about what did not cities something tells me the languages become to basis to so then you strategy this was courtesy event she so who been showing up and watch numbers recently this is and she was luke make no mistake the left will not think twice about punching they really worked and they went six was but his you have the right is up to congratulations reverse even stroking you know remember the support team will have to learn special tactics to do with me you the rest of the special tactics is there on young black offices that's what issue and attention to the violence medication in my rook seconds i know i.

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