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Album because they have staff writers for that and also they've got a hundred other freelancers pitching stuff. So don't pick that stuff but you could probably pitch Covering High School football game to your local newspaper. Because maybe there's two or three people pitching. He was the one who put me on that advice. Which was really really helpful. This other guy named James Bussey who I think he's at the time maybe working at Yahoo or something like that. He emailed me back. This guy named Chris Ex. Who was writing about rap all the time I read him a bunch of places he is. He not only email me back but he agreed to have We had lunch together a couple of times because he just happened to be in. Houston for for a short amount of time. This game Henry Dosso Margaret Downing at the at the pre. Like you know I'm reaching out to whoever's email address I can find it. Whoever was doing the stuff that I wanted and I don't feel do it today. There's like a thing that I've practiced regularly reaching out to people who who I just read their stuff. And I am and impressed with and all like Cohen you know at New Yorker or or Morris or these sorts of people. Are Mike. How long I want to be around talent as much as possible. Let me try to absorb some just relying on the kindness of strangers. Yeah exactly and so you decide recently here like I said earlier you decide to start giving away some of your money because of that because you want to give some people some of the chances that you wish you had had like. It was an unusual thing. I don't know how overwhelmed I don't know if it was your wife. Good with what you were doing like what was happening there. Where all of a sudden you get inundated because if you're giving away money on the Internet people are going to appear in an avalanche. Yeah no there is always cool with it. We always talk about it but beforehand This most recent time. It was only a little bit of my own money that I gave away. I had like dollars into my ball count and I was like I said to whoever needed. And then people started sending money to my Vin Mall Count and being like. Can you give this to someone also can give someone also So every once in a while. Let's make our money like we did a learning and I wanted to set up a scholarship so we donated twenty grand to the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists So that that sort of thing happens but usually on the Internet. It's like a little bit of my money then pooper just jump in then go for you know it. It's tens of thousands of dollars. This might be a dumb question. But why do that can your ticket later forming? Why why help? Yeah I mean obviously it feels good but a whole lot of people aren't doing that like obviously yes. Why help of course a lot of people like to help. But most people don't do it that way. Most people don't just decide to help the way that you're deciding to help you know I've had. I've had a few different people asking for version of of this question. And just just her talking about it out loud. I think the final answer that we have all agreed to settle on. Is that teaching very much? Felt like the job. I was supposed to be doing for the rest of my life. That was the first time I had a job that felt right when I was working at construction job. I knew that that wasn't where both could be ended at. That wasn't the thing I wanted to do when I was working at the various gas stations shoe stores or whatever or doing lawn work. I knew that wasn't where I was supposed to be but when I got into the classroom thing happens when you get in that classroom for the first two or three years so that the kids at this school the kids are GonNa beat the hell out of you. Just run every scam. They can on you mess with you every sort of way and one of the things that's going to happen. You're going to be like you know what this sucks. I'm out of here or you're going to be like this sucks. I need to get better at this. And that was the first time jobless hard and I felt like I. I WanNa get better at this all the other times. I screw this job. I'm Outta here so I started. You know I really really cared a great deal about teaching. I just love that job and then and it offers you every single day the opportunity to do a good thing For a person you establish some sort of connection with a with a kid and you can see it when it happens every every teacher will tell you they know. They have a moment in their head when they going. Oh I reached this person or I had a meaningful interaction with this other person teaching. It allows you that opportunity all the time writing for me. Writing does not right in this good for my ego. Writing is what got me on. The Dan Lebatardshow. Nobody wanted to talk to me when I was a teacher. Now that I'm writing people want to talk to me. All the time right in is good for my ego but teaching what was good for my heart and giving away stuff on the internet or helping with golfing. Me's or setting up a scholarships or doing whatever and then it allows me that same sort of feeling for at least a little bit of time that I would get when I was teaching. So that's probably the reason I try to do it as often as I can. How did you meet your wife? Was it through teaching. Now we met in college. We met early on in my college career She we had a class together. I saw her. She was the most graceful beautiful woman I'd ever seen and I was like. I WanNa talk to this to this woman over here and that's how I started. I but I knew I mean you were in college if you're an attractive woman in college you're probably getting hit on multiple times every single think that's because men are awful and so. I figured that that that's what was happening with her so I didn't want to be another one of those people so it's like I'm Gonna I'm GonNa go like retro with this. I'm going to write a little note and pass it across the classroom and that's going to do and that's how we started talking and then that was twenty years ago and here we are. What did she see in you? You gotta ask her that. I have no idea our Poor my teeth were jacked up. I had a big head and a little tiny body. I'll I had a lot of strikes against me but she saw someone who knows maybe I was. I was probably just funny. Funny Guy How? How responsible is she for I mentioned the movie the wife earlier. But how responsible is she for your writing success in terms of encouraging it supporting it and you know being in a position where there was a desperation involved where you had to take care of everybody. I'll she largely responsible for that and you can say that in a very practical sense. She's responsible because she helped me early on like she was editing. All of the stuff that I was doing before I would turn it into the actual editor. So she's teaching me like that but also yes. She's years sort of guessing you up. She's like my Mark Jackson. I'm Reggie Miller. She is Mark Jackson and she's like. Yeah the man you could do this. You could do this. You just go go all of this stuff that I wanted to do. She's been like that forever though. It didn't it didn't matter that this was the thing. I was doing to make money. There was a time in my life. Dan when I watched the David Blaine Special David Blaine. Yeah the magician. I watched David Blaine Street magic and I was like ooh. I WANNA be a street magician and I was trying to learn how to do that and she was like you'd be great streep Justin I was. I watched a skateboarding documentary. I was like Oh aren't very professional. Skateboarder twenty six years old. Never skated. She's like you'd be a great professionals. You know she's just one of these types of people who just wants to support the people that she cares about. She's largely responsible for all of this stuff man. I'm not sure it's a lot more ridiculous though to say well. Why would he have been no seriously a writer? A magician or a skateboarder. All three of three of the paths are pretty improper improbable. Yeah they are. They are certainly certainly that. Also very though I e though there's no there's I'm not coordinated enough also need to be cool at a version of cool anyway to be like a successful tree magician. That would have been stupid. That would've been really stupid. Street magician a really stupid path. No matter how much support you had at home. Yeah you're right. You're right Shea good talking to you I really appreciate. I'm happy for your success. First of all and I really appreciate the conversation. Yeah man thank you for having been a big fan for such a long time. There's so few of us out there. I've been watching you for for you. Know what I did. We're talking about Laremy and this will be our last thing that we can talk about but Lerman are hanging out. This is like a year ago and I was watching. How questionable and she you know I. I have like a string of shows that I watch and arrogant all work at the yard. Hopefully we're watching highly questionable. I'm just sort of giggling to myself. And she comes and sits down next to me and this is one of the episode where we're probably does handshake thing and it. It happens on thing. I started laughing and She's like asking what's going on and there's a video on youtube. I don't know if you're aware of this or did you want to. That has a whole like all of the time or most of the time where. He's pulled the trick. The handshake away with a high five away. Whatever and I showed. You're in a in a several minutes long and by like forty five seconds into a. She's just rolling laughing everything time and it just made me feel so good that she liked the thing that I liked and here we are all connected now and this is unbelievable moment for me right now. Thank you do you Do you see any of your father in my father. Or does she see any of her father or any any Mexican fathers that you grew up around. Yeah Yeah your your data. My Dad are very very similar but they both have the same sort of energy. Where's like most of the time they feel like silly and playful and laughing but also when I'm watching him he'll give you look every once in a while where I'm like. Oh probably don't play like you. You can push them a little bit but you can't push them seriously. You know what I'm saying. My Dad has the exact same sort of way. So we're we're all up here man you were. You were raised by a variety of uncles right. Yeah that's correct. My when my mom moved down to San Antonio was her my grandma and then she had Six brothers one of them passed away early on when I showed up I was a firstborn her firstborn sunshine and the teenager But there's GRANDPA. They all grew up sort of without their dad for the most part so the five remaining uncles gathered around me and almost like a you know like a bodyguard situation. They're like we're going to protect this kid. He's going to be the one who who makes it so. Yeah they've all uncle Matt uncle. Brian Uncle Jesse Uncle Rick and uncle manual does. That's that's the team right there. That's a cool story man. Happy for you legitimately happy for you. Thank you brother. Be say that's GonNa do it for us this week on South Beach sessions. Thank you so much for listening to it. We hope to be there for you. Give you a little slice of normalcy during these extraordinary times. That's why we feel the responsibility to make sure we still put out this content so you can enjoy it. 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