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Without going to congressman Greg Steve from Florida Republican congressman hit a monster home run last night the congressional baseball game Congressman you miss Ron DeSantis at all He was a great baseball player Now governor he was I think he was a House district 6 or something in Congress He was a great baseball player too though wasn't he before he became the governor of Florida Yeah and we didn't So he was running for governor when I was running for Congress So we didn't overlap I didn't have the opportunity to either work with him here in Congress or into you were in the Senate right If you were in the Florida Senate at the time is that right I was in the state Senate Yeah yeah he's a big miss So let me ask you this I was a baseball player Myself and I love baseball I grew up around baseball my thing So I do want to ask you a couple of political questions Obviously I don't want to waste your time but seriously will you look in fastball Did you know that there was no hook coming Did you know this was fastball and you're like I'm zoned in right here and I'm just crushing this thing as it comes down to 5 Well what's interesting and a lot of people didn't realize this because so Biden had just gone into the Republican Douglas And I was next up starting the inning off and I was also pitching So I came up came around the plate and the umpire kind of motion for me to go into the box And I asked him I said there is a ton of press and all these people on the field and I literally said to him I said if I had a foul ball and it hits the president in the face it's going to be your fault And the catcher who's a Democrat was like hey sovereign immunity And then I looked at the picture and I said are you ready to go And the picture Aguilar is like yeah go ahead I'm like all right so if you watch the video feed they were actually having the video on the president and the Republican dugout and then it quickly turns as I get up to play to the plate and the pitcher starts to throw It quickly clips to that So I'm just happy that I completely distracted the entire stadium because everybody was focused on Biden in the Republican dugout because the Democrats wanted to see what the Republicans were going to do And the Republicans were just watching him down there And you hear this you hear me hit the shot And everybody's attention turned from Biden to the field and it was just kind of funny that I was able to completely distract the entire stadium for what was happening on

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