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Do you think it will continue to work. Well what is the stability instability paradox red. Okay major powers The major powers don't go to war with each other but they have they have. What's it called proxy wars and Korea Afghanistan Nicaragua with that sort of thing And the question again is what the instability paradox will continue. What do you think about that? Stanley Sloan. It's not exactly Something that I have off put a lot of focus on but I think guess to some extent it will continue and It's always a challenge for major power decide when wants to maintain the current situation. And what it wants to change and sometimes they act of changing involves the use of force. Sometimes it works out sometimes. It doesn't and they don't use force against each other but they had these proxies that Right I and indefinitely is a good thing that United States and Soviet Union never use force against each other. That is a good thing if there's another theory of color Kind of dogs and that is one. We how is threatened by another major power will be threatened power tax major major power or its rival. 'cause it's GonNa move feel powerful the Peloponnesian war that well then that certainly Something which I. Frankly don't think we're going to get it. Get a real definite answer in the last minute or so that we have here the segment of the show. But I thank you for the call. Freighter provocative questions is always. Hey I wanted to mention that We are coming up at the top of the hour. I Wanna I think for thank my guest. Very much stands stands. Sloan international expert on NATO although really's been in the news. This week you can google his name Stanley. Sloan and you'll get some interesting coverage folks for Washington Post New York Times and We are going to. I'm going to monitor the.

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