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And as usual, I am up on social media love to chat with you either on Facebook or on Twitter. I'll try as hard as I can to respond while I'm on the air. But sometimes there's things going on. And it's difficult to do and a bunch to chat about today yesterday. I talked about that eighteen year old goes to a parochial school for those of us for mouth that means it's a religious school. Usually, it means he's Catholic, and he is eighteen and his senior year and is being banned from coming back to school for twenty one days because he hasn't had his chicken pox vaccination. And I basically said, you know, it's okay to have rigid religious beliefs. It's okay to not take the chicken pox vaccine. But it's not okay to sue the school for a policy that is designed to protect the rest of the students and did that I knew it would elicit some response. But I didn't know illicit this kind of response one of the one of the issues that the kid had with the vaccine was that he doesn't believe in vaccines. Because they quote are made from aborted babies and quote. To which I said, no that isn't how it's done. Anyway, that had a lot of reaction to get into that coming up on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. And let me repeat my wreck. My my my stance for the record. If you do not want to take vaccines, and you do not want your children to take vaccines. I'm completely fine with that. You probably better homeschool because just about every private and public school will insist you have vaccines for health reasons. And number two. I don't think you're very wise. If you choose not to, but we'll get into all all coming up on NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay. I'm more pleasant stack. Here we go and other gun ban in the works, and as usual, it's not gonna make anyone any safer, and I'll tell you what I think you can tell me what you think Oklahoma's newest sweetheart Darcy Lynn is joining me she is actually on the road right now because she's on tour, but that tour will be making a stop in Oklahoma City. I'll tell you when and where to get your tickets, and she will join us a little later in the show on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. And what kind of relationship does Boeing the manufacturer have with the FAA? Now. Here's the reason we ask it's come to light that in the midst of all of this questions about the seven thirty seven max, eight jets. It's come that. The Boeing was doing its own safety checks FAA was just like, you know, what you do your own safety checks and just let us know. And we're good with that. And I'm okay with that to a certain extent and not I'll give you an example. The FCC requires me personally to keep a public file and because my company. Iheartradio, so good at keeping public file the FCC seldom auditors seldom. And maybe they had a similar relationship with Boeing, but we'll get into that with Bill Zimper. That's later in the show two on NewsRadio one thousand..

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