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Recent reports say that care isn't adequate especially at shelters like fort. Bliss kids mostly from central. America told child welfare advocates. There served spoiled. Food trash is piling up and that the lights are kept on twenty four seven. There's also little access to mental health services. Fewer kids are in custody though. They're being reunited faster with relatives in the us and those still in custody are being moved to licensed shelters. Us officials are now closing several of the emergency shelters and so we are trying to see which facility the emergency and take sites we continue to be mobilized and still provide the care that we will be the government will keep fort bliss open now. It can house up to ten thousand kids beds. The government wants on hand but critics worry that relying on mega shelters like fort. Bliss risk bringing back those dangerous conditions for children. Let's work together to really revamp the system from start to finish so that we don't have to go back to this kind of triaging ad hoc moment that we found ourselves since the near the start of this year. Wendy young leads kids in needs of defense a nonprofit in dc. She was also concerned when the government sought volunteers from agencies like the social security administration and nassau to work at the shelters for stent people not trained to work with kids especially kids. Who don't speak english or are dealing with trauma we are calling for the deployment of child welfare experts at the border from the moment that children arrived to get that processing started from day. One other advocates would like the biden administration to take a wider. Look at the question of unaccompanied. Minors gladys molina runs the young center for immigrant. Children's rights in phoenix a comprehensive. Look at how they can stay out of. Government care allow shaves with an adult caregiver to present at the border and lease them as soon as possible after being processed by border control because many migrant children don't head to the us border alone. They travel with an adult a grandmother an older cousin they become unaccompanied one separated by. Us officials from that relative at the border since that adult isn't a parent or guardian. Molina doesn't think this should happen but not everyone agrees the us should keep the door open to unaccompanied children at all. Pete hermansen is a long time now retired border patrol agent. He lives near knoxville tennessee. Were to patrol agents often encounter unaccompanied children. I i think that we put the border patrol and we've put our immigration services in a position where they're stressed where they're not resource properly and we're not handling the situation properly. He believes the. Us should work more with mexico to return migrant children back to their home countries but for now the us is working to keep places like fort bliss in texas as an option and allow children arriving alone to the us to stay for the world. I'm monica campbell. A popular activist who fought corruption in ghana was killed this week. Ibrahim muhammed better known as kaka used social media to help launch a hashtag fix the country. Now a mob attack on monday young activists who protested his death were then shot at by police to more people. Were killed here to talk with us about this. Social movement and the events this week in ghana is journalists. Ridwan kareem dini osman. He joins us from the capital accra. It's first of all one. Who was the man who was killed. And what is movement was all about. Well fix the country now activists mohammed hopefully known as calcutta like you've already mentioned was attacked by weyrich any home on sunday as a juror. A farming community in the ashanti regional. Salving gone out now. Unconfirmed reports say the forty five year old was killed because of his rounds on social media which were believed to have made the government's on opium now caucus lee revealed that the deceased had received threats over his facebook tirade before the deadly attack. And it's a little confusing this mob. That showed up at his house. I've read that the police may have been involved or perhaps he's were citizens. Sent by the police. Have there been any arrests made in his death. And is there any further information on who this mob was. We have very little information. I think that police have been giving enough public information about i mean in terms of the profiling they have done on these suspects but we know that they have arrested three suspects on. If i speak to you now the i in colts are we are monitoring closely what the outcome of. Today's proceeding will be. But we know that the ebeen charged in connection with the incidents so regardless of who made up this mom that attacked kaka and ultimately led to his death caucus neighborhood. I gather went out to protest. Afterwards and now the news of his death has reverberated all over ghana. What kind of support does kaka and his movement actually have across the country now. Urine his burial on tuesday in Phase got bloody when a joint police and military team confronted rates. A youth school had taken to the streets to demand justice now the joint security falls shot and killed two suspects and less about four others critically. Injured eco-fee thea is one of the protesters. I ultra rushton insane. I went there and so had to follow up to the hospital. And lo and behold to date about six or eight or nine people also injured. ridwan. I'm kind of confused because ghana has enjoyed a really positive reputation in recent years for such a model nation. Should we be surprised that there is a movement called. Fix the country now in ghana. I mean what started that. Well in the lead to twenty twenty elections in ghana. The president's gave some release particularly on water on electricity's because of their general economic cash emanating from the coolant nineteen endemic however twenty twenty one as so many taxes were reimposed including on. What the end elecricity. Now this led to another. As many gideon's continue to struggle financially a many resulted to social media to express the frustration and that gave birth to the face of a country now movements and what happened in a drought. So what happens now in this kind of fraught week to the fix the country now movement. Where does it go from here but movement had been bought by the police from protesting because of colored elia. Now this was clenching courts the movements wander right to don't straits body. We're told they must wet with police. As so far however face the country now have yet to declare whether it will carry out so the ministrations time possibly will tell reporter ridwan kareem diaz mon- across the gone capital. Thank you very much. We'll be right back. Your with the world. I'm marco werman. It's the world. It has been a tough week for canada. Heat and wildfires nearly two hundred more unmarked graves of indigenous children discovered a former residential school and this ongoing issue canada's indigenous communities want birth alerts to stop. That's when a newborn can be taken from apparent without consent. The practice is meant to protect babies but advocates argue it. Disproportionately affects indigenous communities as the world's bianca hillier reports most canadian provinces are listening newfoundland and labrador is the most recent example colonial races and we recognize that john. Abbott minister of children seniors and social development said this week the province will no longer issue birth alerts.

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