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And they did it twice. And that's why I mean that is one of the reasons why the Monkees tour exploded, the eighty six union tour was explosive. I think but we can their biggest tour in America in the summer tour that year. Yeah. I read some reports that you guys were always getting along on that tour. There's some tension that didn't want to be on stage during the new songs and everything that there was there was some stuff going on there. But you know, the most important thing is that. The man was on stage. He was on stage for that that tour was fabulous success. And you know, you magic what that would have been like if it'd been Mickey and Peter would have been nearly as big don't think. Right. So David was also skill in his cutest mode, Davey stayed pretty cute to the end, really. But the robbery of the sixties maybe not quite as strong among the four of us. And then among the three of us later. There was always varied levels of respecting ration- and affection and friendship. Did you hear the special on George Harrison the other day and joy said you know, to the outside world, I was one of the Beatles in the Beatles were great big thing. And I was one of inside the Beatles. I was alone. Right. So in any group as we find out when we did there were varying degrees of affection, and comradeship and respect and the Monkees were different. You know, you can't say yes or no. And you one thing like. That did the same proportions of feelings carry over into the eighties choice. Yeah. Just about. I'm you Mickey's always been very easy to talk to Dedi has always always shown flashes of great, insight and intelligence and wit and heart. Michael is always been hard working and talented and funny, and I've been whatever anybody says I've been and it's always been that way. It's just that doesn't change much. You know, your personality is pretty much luck input early. Peter talking to Andy green and love his slight shade of flashes of brilliance. But any green rub Sheffield? You were going to talk about the experience of seeing Peter torque play in recent years, and that was like, and what turns out to be his final years. So the band reunited was I and twenty eleven before Davy died in before nez came back. I missed that to her rob slot at the beacon. Yeah. There was the forty fifth anniversary tour all three of them were on fire. It was Davies last tour. He was fantastic. You know, like Davey his do. He was doing the boo glue during she hangs out, and it was absolutely ridiculous, and Peter Tork something that he did, you know in the twenty eleven tour which didn't have Nesbitt or the twenty thirteen tour that didn't have Davy Jones..

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