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Bit on audio, but we don't have to go on that side tangent. Video showing. The second thing. The second thing is that in order for video to scale as a medium. You do have to do some work to overcome some of the challenges inherent to video video is traditionally a little bit harder to scan for conceptual information. You know it's harder to understand what's in a video. Even if you're watching a video of someone, send you video sometimes people are like I wish you would just send me the transcripts. I can just scan through it really quickly. Scanning videos even hard. So TIKTOK. Fortunately, the videos are really short and they allow additional layers of Meta data. You can bring text into the video really easily. and. So video overall in medium is a richer medium on tick. If you can bring that all to bear, then I think video becomes more relevant in other fields like education or you know if you WANNA pick a place to go on vacation or you WanNa pick a restaurant to go eat at. Our Partner Connie Chan actually argued a lot about the power of every commerce will become video and every video will become commerce and sort of the intersection of the two right video is really just the bed for a whole bunch of other information to be laid on top of it. Video is just such a high bandwidth medium. I think we haven't really taken advantage of the full level. Of Bandwidth in the past we know that humans are super attuned the body language to reading another person's face. You know one of the downsides of trying to read body language over zoom you may have like fifteen people in zoom. Each is just a small thumbnail. You can't really see anything other than a version of their face. There is something that is lost when you lower the bandwidth. Video brings that back and video gets higher fidelity every day and you know something like takes hop now is just making more use of that full bandwidth. Great. So then the last question. What do you make of this larger phenomenon given? The whole point of your post is about how this is the first time? A social network from another place has really cracked.

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