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Weren't true, and it just became accepted the well, That's what he does. Not calling that out more for what it wass and then holding the other side more accountable. That was probably a mistake. Another notable difference A 2017 analysis from the Columbia journalism Review. Found the coverage of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server dominated mainstream news coverage more than any other topic during the 2016 election. This time, Republicans and some journalists say Joe Biden is the one not getting his fair share of scrutiny. Voters have one last opportunity to watch the president and the former vice president debate together one week from today in Nashville. Yet another story broke late today, adding to the controversy over the fall debates. Steve Scholar who's the political editor at C span, it was supposed to moderate tonight's debate was suspended by C SPAN for lying and saying that his Twitter account was hacked. Scully made that claim last week after he exchanged messages with a former Trump's spokesman who is now opposed to President Trump. Scully apologized, but the president tweeted that quote he was right. He said the debate was rigged, and the Trump campaign was not treated fairly by the debate commission. Let's take this moment to look at the news media's coverage of the campaign. James Fallows is a writer and author who wrote all about this for the Atlantic and Susie Bana carom. She's the director and producer of the documentary We just mentioned. She's the executive vice president at Vice news, and we welcome both of you to the NewsHour. Jim Fallows to you first. What do you make of the network's decision tonight? ABC had scheduled a town meeting with Joe Biden and NBC scheduled a town meeting President Trump at the exact same time. In my view, this was a very, very serious misjudgement by NBC, which I think I don't know what this will have any lasting political significance, but I think it will be seen as a really a miscalculation on their part. The reason is one of the lessons of the news media walking back four years ago was just their attraction to the spectacle of Donald Trump of covering his rallies in 2015 onward. We've seen that with the coronavirus passport Thinking's etcetera. The coverage of the helicopter from Walter Reed. The on ly reason to run these events head to head is for the spectacle value. See Who's gonna win the ratings battle, etcetera, etcetera, and NBC could've given Donald Trump a time after Joe Biden the next day or whatever. So I think this was an unfortunate judgment on your part. Susie Obamacare. And what about that? I mean, you've worked at the networks. You know how these decisions are made. What do you think has happened here? Look, I think this is incredibly disappointing, but it's not a surprise what Trump's riel skill is knowing how to draw attention away from a story that's not working for him. So he didn't do well in the first debate. E, you know, really didn't want to do the second debate and was getting criticized for that. And now all anybody's talking about is NBC and not Him and the things that aren't working. I'm in his campaign, right? And when NBC agrees to do this, they just played completely into his hands. They let him control the narrative, and he's already you know. Talking about how they're fake news on Twitter. So it's also just disappointing that they would give him this kind of opportunity, Tio, use them and also maligned them at the same time. Which does raise the question. Jim Fallows, a CZ we mentioned there's so much criticism of what the media did to enable Donald Trump in 2016. How do you see coverage this year? I think that the two big problems I tried to write about in the Atlantic from the previous cycles coverage one was this attraction to spectacle of a sitting. Karen was just saying that you have Where you just were doing in the setup piece. The other was the difficulty the media and dealing with a call with both side or ism. If one person is saying something that's true, and somebody else is saying something that simply beyond the realm of reality like that the U. S is doing fine with the pandemic, etcetera. It is difficult for the media to try to have our standard pose of centrism while having these two conflicting views. I think more of the media have been trying on this second front to deal with both types. I tourism, then have been trying to resist the spectacle Donald Trump, so I think it is an evolutionary process. But basically, I think Donald Trump has played the media more than than the media have been aware of being played. Susie Banik harem. What about that? I mean, it's It's something that all of us in the media struggle with, of course, not wanting to take sides warning to cover fairly, but you're covering a candidate the likes of which we've never seen. I think this is an incredible push to balance with just naturally how we're taught to think about things as journalists. But the reality is sometimes two things. They're just not equal, and it's our job to contextualize it that for people and help them process it, and when we don't do that, when we sort of just giving equal weight to everything they don't have any way of understanding, But at the same time Time as Trump is saying that he wants, you know any kind of Barrett confirmed so she can weigh in on the election. If it goes to the Supreme Court that the media sending a lot more time asking, buying about packing and those things are equal..

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