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Jaguars using their new quarterback. Nick foles here is Tom Coughlin. Here we go fresh start March thirteenth two thousand nine hundred launch the start of the new league year. This is a new day. And we charge ahead. Oversell just after service each other low when you stop learning you might as well be dead. Hi, everyone. He seemed so happy yesterday. He should be the new start. All right, Nick foles. Let's say he does for sixteen wouldn't use exciting. Here we go. Here we go. I mean, lively cutting Blake Bortles, it's like getting a two hundred and thirty pound tumor removed from your back. God, it's horrible. The raiders released wide receiver Jordy Nelson a day after he posted on Twitter how excited he was that what's his name. Antonio Brown was joining the silver and black excited that they let him go gone much like Isaiah Crowell was like oh. After a lamb bell was. Yep. Yep. Same thing and ravens quarterback. Lamar Jackson did say he was sorry for driving at one hundred and five miles an hour while recording on his phone not recorded that he was driving past. But that he was driving and recording. And the speedometer was shown oaths in camera shot L with. I'm sorry. There's somebody in the car with him without a seat belt. Not sure I did read that. I don't know if that's true or not up to the NFL man here. This story gets worse post on Twitter, quote, I made a bad decision. And we'll set a better example going forward hashtag my apologies. The quarterback of your team and going in the fast tomorrow it'll be in a school zone with a litter of. No, not a good look though for sure. Quarterfinals big east tournament at the garden last night. Saint John's essentially a no show in the second half with.

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