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Andy ru semper pie. Aku matata the guy in the chair. Esquire lucas frankel commander donut. I'm playing position five. Iro bread sheeran banzai wiseguy. Chicken pot pie truecar. Playing against wiring on lane is so shitty his second social because called victor. Blast the mega pope. It's time to rhyme the lime of crime in time to water elephants. Ti new zealand. Then xavier nate tickets zero amps quotes bacon doing my utmost best. Use a german accent. While i speak to my mom asking for a spanking shark. Tm people hear me right now. Buns fan and cinderella. Novi panda dopp. Chauzac japanese nina. Cool and. I am half japanese nothing to see here. Underscore man ben. Broomhead had really wanted them to give back dooms. Hp region devour now. He's depressed and it's ice frogs faults saj pitch-black. Would an aftertaste done talk anonymous. Og fan of sun pharaoh and his battles with moses the sinner man peter more people drown in a desert than die of dehydration niebling. Okay that's interesting. And even though i said i wasn't gonna do this as always very late with his changes. So let me just read his new one perk dark. Good luck at esl suns fan and sinderen. Thank you very much else. A really long list. We got some new guys. Didn't we thank so. I think it seems really. Maybe it's because you read all of them but you read fast. So i agree. Thank you france. We appreciate that. That was the bruce tier of our patriotic. If you want to support us go to patriots dot com slash. We say things. Okay so onto changes senator and so item changes. We should talk about on this because this is probably the most clinical broken item of the patch. bonus hp reduced by fifty and then the biggest thing is the cooldown has increased by twenty seconds. Every time it triggers with a maximum one hundred sixty five seconds. What do you think of this. Change 'cause we even talked about the idea of deleting the as a whole anything so this is like the beak treatment right where now we have two items in the game that get worse. Get worse every time.

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