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It is now time view disaster as milk helga hours if i can do michelle oh he bike michael face you are the lose this challenge good bye because he was in active duty he rome a past present not present perfect but up about president dictated proud of future and ticketed ticket in sleep with the thing with liz taylor and richard burton on runways um uh it will get that out and then he was also an actor in films was with did he played the which of um in the elizabeth taylor film boom didn't he play the the warlock of something or something yeah he deciphering wasn't boom yeah yeah all right so we'll move on from there um so now lives private lives haven't knives yes i love her yes rachel martin analyst metality the ad on my on my there was a vortex that's my favorite no coward the what have you done theater only one as can i grew up in the community theater but i haven't done it sent since i i moved to hollywood sure yet be great show held cases noel coward is is off the table for you what is your dream rolled the richard benjamin's story we asked target of iowa yeah oh i forgot what it was i would love to i would have for broadway i'd love to be um i'd love to be seymour in lahore's i've ever gonna be hanging vein graham it's great because you sing of course you sing from greece i do not add yeah i know i i haven't done it since since since glee on this soprano a yeah no i um it's it's i won't have time for a little bit because my my my books have been purchased by fox to turn into it film work there yet as hobby writing and directing those sound like a wake me up hauled up missed a lover yet back i saw that throw that in their disapproval don't think i was just sitting on my eyes during nothing but al way you're gonna be directing directing yeah are you going to be what i know of the directors you've worked with who are you gonna pattern your directing style are you gonna be a tire it oh probably yaom media montage ah a monster what this voice.

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