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Goodnight. Goodnight. I lean read are you doing on this wonderful beautiful night and doing wonderfully. Thanks so much. Joel. It's a group. I am excellent my friend excellent. As can be thanks for asking. What part of the wood? Are you in right now? I am in Boston Massachusetts where we've had an action mild winter, but we're expecting snow this evening. So let the games begin. Very cool. Arlene, do tell us which of your talents responsible. I connecting this Pacific time in history. Sure. Sure. So I'm in organizing productivity coach I have my own business called simplify with Eileen, and you and I were fortunate to connect through innovation women, and I'm grateful that you reached out to to have this connection. We can definitely think Bobby Charlton for making that possible through that as in group of women, so our rights, you're the Pusan the hubs people organize and help them be productive. Who did you learn that from? Well, I'm from a family of five and I shared a bedroom on all through my life with my two sisters, and I pretty much come from a family of pile people, and I am somewhat in Neethling organized. So I just from from early age on just really cherished order and simplicity and organization, and yes, so it just I think I actually got it from my mom. She was pretty good raising five kids in a in a household. That was not overrun by stuff. Interesting. When you said, you will pile people. What does that mean? Oh, so my they they there's piles on every of horizontal surface on, you know, piles or just on those things that kinda grow their these delay decisions. And that's that's the environment. You know, some. What that I grew up in my brothers and sisters their pile people love, I said lovingly say pile in figuring. I've never heard that before. So you loon from seeing what not to do? Yes. Yes. That's intriguing. So you definitely stuck out. In the midst of everyone on guessing, I did I stuck on the whole budget way. But yeah, that was sure. And what I learned is, you know, over time and just demonstrated every which way that it's really not so much about organizing. It's really about having less in when we have less. You know, we sort of we create the freedom to enjoy a life of simplicity and Jolie and abundance in ways other than stuff that's musings where we're can connect through to interested in clearing up the clutter. Yes. So my website is probably the best spot. Visit got links to all my social media, mice a website is simplified with I lean dot com. And again, they can see all sorts of in photos, and my story and linked to me on all kinds of social media was wonderful amazing sight like I love the. Pople? So definitely took my heart. When I saw the colors that you had they're very very warm very welcoming presume easing stuff going on. There will do tell me one thing that you've done early inconsistently over the last three years, please. So what I've done consistently over the past three years is really walk. The walk of really being mindful of. Being having simplicity in my own life with my husband, and I and in our own home, and even the seems like obligations and relationships and making sure that everything I invited twice is really aligned with how I want my life to be from two fun. Nominal light. Phenomenal happy comb content all sorts of good stuff. Just of people embark on this path to definitely create that speaks with a kind have phenomenon life. So I think what I would just vise people is to first of all just take small bites Rome wasn't built in a day. And you know, if you want to run a marathon twenty six miles first day, do not go out in run twenty six you probably run one though taking it in small bites in just, you know, reclaiming one space, maybe it's the junk drawer, or maybe it's the garage, but taking it in small bites really building on it. And then just realize the the transformation in how you feel when that happens and then keep building upon that. Yes. Go missing audience. Again, you're hearing from I leaned Rian you can connect with a simplified with. I lean dot com. Eilly let's switch gears Fomin, let me invite you know, in my time. That is..

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