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Democratic transhumance didn't turn out to be a phrase that tripped off the tongue but people started to refer to this kind of idea as techno progressive to be both To be interested in the emerging technologies and the fact that they could have laboratory pre potentials. But how we should also embrace the social reforms that need to go along with them so that they don't exacerbate inequality exacerbate authoritarianism and so forth so that broad perspective and it's also broader than transforming trans humanism being a i was the executive director of the world trends humanist association at the time and we started the institute for ethics and emerging technologies to be more or less explicitly techno progressive think-tank fifteen years ago. And we have done a lot to develop that perspective over time but that particular essay that i wrote recently was a response to an effort by some french. Trance humanness to articulate what they thought Trench humanist approach to environmental politics would be and as every manifesto written by a committee at it does not hold together very well but the main thing that i was critical of them about was that there are many issues that are on the table that have been on the table for decades That are a left and right version of ecological politics and also a techno optimistic versus pessimistic version of ecological politics and there are folks at the intersection of those things that techno optimus who are also have left critical perspective. So i was saying. Here's the folks who are actually doing that kind of thinking so there are people who are interested in things like nuclear power being a potential solution to our one of our some of our energy needs under climate change but most of the left is opposed to nuclear power for whatever reason and the people who tend to champion. Nuclear power are the nuclear power industry. Who have their own interests and their own politics around this. So it's like what won't progressive approach to promoting something like nuclear power genetically modified organisms Being opposed to population control because it's very clear. The population controls not necessary. Because we're going to have a plateauing of population in the next couple of decades. So trying to articulate with that that vision was and. I can't say that the french were terribly impressed with my intervention. But i think that there is an emerging group of thinkers out there that i'm addressing. Yes let me sean. This techno optimism idea it's so technology almost device and my feeling is that really difficult to predict technology and so eight-time be say the optimistic about something. Maybe i'm mis understanding this optimism. Basically means that. I have prediction that things are going to work out using technologies big minardi so technology comes to us in in stepped onto cheeses as you know. It doesn't come in sort of year fashion and so in some sense. It's a on jumping casting function mathematics right so if the poison junk does not happen..

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