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I don't like that that's pretty pleased pretty big into my life because uh i i've had my fair share of challenges and i realize that you you you can't redrawn press mckee get too carried away with success because in this business you only one bad decision away from being out of business one what are you talking about you the ceo this company i mean you know you you're nature's to make good decisions where way well what's this thing about what what are you talking about there well i i wish i could tell you that every decision i made was a good one but i i'm i make a lot of bad mistakes and learn from them and if i wasn't making those bad mistakes i i probably wouldn't be able to correct mike coercion and make some of the good mistakes i've made sweep shank i've made more good than bad shweibi talking about this publicly though is this is the barazenka thing admitting that you may be a decisions noam i mean i'm human and i'd like to think that every decisions a great decision unfortunately i surround myself with realist who don't have any problem telling me i don't have a what i think i have or i don't know what i think i know or i make it a bad decision i don't read about this in the newspapers i with dinner you hear about bad stuff dots used with sounds like you really human in a humble let's do you have another question they're just curious what is you learn about yourself when you're a kid that you that shows up today for you in how you lead that being successful in today's world is not easy if it was everybody be successful what do you mean by that what are you talking about i'm talking about the fact that uh if you're jews a career path whether it's.

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