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You know what had been set of john hammond the flemish goons last guy farewell tour th didn't sell out at then i i can't fool the it's going to happen oh boy yeah associate the plane revoke seem as are they probably they're playing the was the star plexsys something here eliza called 'stop lex pavilion isn't that it's the shmir advice every every every every every every month changes i bet shock could get it for a month the crock thunderdome what's that is now give venue i agree yet knifed and they got people that live in the area that yeah this just the bounces for banned hell's angels like the stones did right that's their bouncers now okay so you think that were immune that you think that their immune to southeastern idiocy with self these in india think again i have audio i'm about to play for you of an indian man taking a selfie in front of trains apparently this is a this is the thing to do in india i'm not kidding you i dot nam nam making this up this is a big time trend people get close to trains due is so he's doing a video selfie and somebody's warning him saying do watch out you're gonna get hit you're going to get it and then it gets hit listen other opponents of stuffers save i the guy warning him in indian order in hindi would have the languages use not i i understand it hey hey hey hey i mean it's it's it's universal lang has for watch out yet it is stupid all right other mm it does sound good right did you see the visual it's bad isn't it it's like i mean it's just the chain seems really wide open some of the things on yet youtuber saying it's fake it's not fake it's not because this is this is in the news on the b the baby say the bye bye say bbc so they say mr ciba is his name has survived but has suffered head injuries but first let me take south they didn't and and he has appeared in court and he's been fined in addition it come on man he got word you're finding them yes he's the girl injury what back as.

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