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Energy or to know that we can do more than sort of resist right now. That's what messes that we want. This film to get people is that you can use every little bit of it. I think by the end of the infiltration close to Markel is about to get out. We were to the point where we will tell people that would call go to room three. Oh, six pick up a blink privacy waiver give it to room two five and they'll deliver it to us. Like yet. It's easy. Who were you able to get out you and Marco did you actually able to free people? Oh, yeah. I mean, this was after we got kicked out of of Broward, we stayed around for six months. We didn't I didn't live in Florida prior to this. I mean, this I went there specifically for this project. So we continue to working for like six months on getting people released the Alex if you could talk about where geo fits in and where does ice fit in? How does this work? We're talking about government, and we're talking about private companies. Sure in the film sort of simplify. So you really see a lot of you see a lot of the geo corporation in the film the geo corporation owns the facility runs it. They administer labor program which has been the subject of a recent lawsuit because they pay the detainees a dollar a day and the real way that they kind of compelled detainees to work to clean, the floors to wash the uniforms to cook the food to run the entire facility for a wage of a dollar a day the way they compel that labor is through withholding visitation rights. So if you refuse to work, you get to see your family your loved ones once every two weeks, but if you participate in this basically forced labour program, then you get to see your loved ones once a week. And I remember when Marco emerged from the detention center that was the first thing he was talking about. I think he sort of learned that inside I learned it from him. And it was shocking today is the subject of a lawsuit. Infiltrators co director, Alex Rivera and immigrant rights activists. Vide- Danny Martinez and Muhammad after Laffy the infiltrators will be screened at the Miami film festival on Tuesday. And. Starting Friday at south by southwest Austin, Texas, and that does it for the show a very fun. Farewell to area Boone. We will miss your passion. Your dedication your wisdom and your puns punter dome. Star you have made democracy now so much better. I'm speaking Denver Martina, these high school check our website. I made me Goodman. Thanks so much for joining us..

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