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The bill quarterback time. French very dais. Is this sean salisbury show. Welcome in on a wednesday good to be with you. Good news on a lot of fronts heavy. Tmc here We got we talked about yesterday and what happened on monday night. The that would heighten the urgency. I believe whether it did or not. It feels like i did Them to jump on something. I'd have to wait till friday. Meaning astros and they did just that by trading joe smith and abraham toro who by the way homer last night as new uniform. We see that happen. At times for kindle grave men one of the best now closers in baseball missed some time this year with cove it but has been lights out and rafael montero so you get some bullpen help and they asked us also go on and win although it got a little ugly at the end with ryan press which we don't see that very often good morning gentleman when i got this news yesterday. I thought i called a couple of my baseball buddies laughter every night. Obviously no graven but wonder how popular he is. And you found out how popular is in seattle's clubhouse guys in tears and not want him to go we get him And it gives you options galore with great men whether it's in the closer role or the setup role and dusty said we'll hear from him and james click as well and we'll hear live from james click today at nine thirty dusty said we can use him in a role in the closer role and for now that presley still the closer so there you go great depth with a guy who's got a whip. Oh seven zero and his four no with a below one. Era and he's been really really good in thirty games this year and we got him. This is a good get guys. Welcome i know you guys should be ecstatic. I know i was. And this is two arms one. In particular for now that gives you an incredible versatility in that bullpen. Yeah the montero part of it. Yeah they're going to tell you that they're looking for him. I'd not worried about that aspect of it's all great man. This is exactly what they needed. This is what we talked about him earlier in the year. And you know when the mariners turn things around like did. I hadn't brought him up or even put them on. My stuff on the web is going to be available. Actually he was going to be available because they've played better baseball. But jerry dipoto doing god knows what their other than hand the astros. A gift has the profile to be a late inning guy. I mean his career. Tracker doesn't scream. Go my god. This guy's an incredible but we saw him last season. I can remember the first series of the sixty game season. And i was there. A minute maid park watching like damn..

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