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Goes in he's found Brad Davis now from thanks to second six against Wisconsin emotionally three two vials tell me checking back in and bills coming out black mass any very pretty well good point really well Michigan state coach is confident and trust in the now it helps you to get four five it is not our group it does anyway two men down there brown watches out there Winston's out there in the basement of Lebanon is being and he does come back or to tell one on the way rock and whites overnighted to me until my down low he's working on a final left little Joe he's got seven which user twenty seven Wisconsin fourteen M. A. Hughes made his last three shots with the ball tries pottery got around to movies my eyes were brown the badgers he's got to this you say twenty seven was cats and sixty one cents now front bring them it's a long three all Demeter price on the rebound encore to come to call begin working on stop watch rebound who's gonna go the other way apple is not to the liking of Wisconsin for sure because it's gonna try every time at least he gets the defense for Wisconsin a little on edge but the badgers as they do will.

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