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Look one of the dangerous things for the clippers right now is at. Feel like there was a time not so long ago when. A game seven you sort of say. Okay. The the favorite has a decisive edge here. The way the game is played now on this is not breaking news or even never original thought. You. Now leave yourself open to the toots of madness, right like like all the clippers. The if Jamal Murray goes insane, which is entirely possible because we've seen it repeated times this post-season like the clippers could go home right? There's no Kawai and George can manufacture. A. Bucket and just where this team. Now like the when when you see Yokich hit the shots hit now you're you're vulnerable to kind of madness and I just don't remember that being as much of the case when we watch basketball ten or twelve years ago I, just feel like you came into situations like this in the favourite was the favourite and there would have to be a sequence of events that were so improbable for the underdog to win that it was just really remote. Well also, there's no homecourt advantage, right which would this game would be in staple center it is not in staple center it's in Walt Disneyworld So there's no home court other. The nuggets have also not had home quarter altitude and the the advantages that they usually. Yeah I mean look. Like Murray going insane. You said it before I think their defense on Murray has been outstanding Dole's series whether it's Paul George or co wire beverly. Beverly is just gotTa Stop. Fouling everything in sight. This is just a constant problem with him. He can't stay on the floor enough because he fouls everything he felt and that is more than anything else I think why they locked not more than anything else but as much as anything else why the clippers blew game six is they got in the bonus. So early or they the nuggets got the bonus. So early in the third. Quarter, and they just kept fouling them and the nuggets got to get free points and just grind and grind and grind and set their defense. So they didn't have to worry about transition defense I also thought their transient transition defense yesterday was standing there were multiple possessions when it looked like the clippers, we're GONNA have a two or three onto and the nuggets just like a like hell on wheels got back and covered it up. But I you know they could absolutely lose I think it would be I i. think there's no question. It would be a disastrous outcome in the Lakers have to be watching this after blowing the doors off the rockets by the way what is just absolutely despicable performance from the rockets and I don't want to hear anything about. I still think that that should have been a good series I was totally wrong but. I, remember I, texted I, texted Simmons. Actually, we have a running text that about the rockets, playoff woes and everything. That after game two that they were going to regret that loss in game two, because that game was there for them and the longer that series went I, trusted the Lakers to win and more and more, and it turns out it didn't go along because game to they lose. The Daniel House situation happens and Houston because there. Apparently, the most fragile good team in recent NBA history completely collapses and lays for for eggs everywhere eggs all over the court, and now they're gone, and by the way I think the the rockets did the Lakers a favor and the clippers and the nuggets disservice by forcing the Lakers to not play their centers. Now I think the Lakers play their centers no matter who obviously against you'll get you want you want some beef? But if it ends up being the nuggets so I think they're centers will get chances again but I think the Lakers realized I think it's not as if they didn't know this all along the Anthony Davis Center and is a four and Blake. We've all been saying this for five years but I think they got a look it against a team that they conceived of as a team threatening enough to make that change and I don't think it's so much to the game got easier for the Bron- Davis. It did right like it makes a huge difference to Lebron. Would he's driving to the rim and there's nobody in the dunker spot it there's no defender in the dunker spots sitting there. Help. has to come from the three point line and Lebron that's just candy for the bronze like he sees that coming ten steps away. It's just everything gets easier for the role players. Every decision is easier for the role players. Every drive is easier. Every passes more obvious and I think the hook depending a little bit on the match up on Javelin Dwight can be quicker now that the Lakers have seen that in action in the playoffs and it worked so well night that's bad for whoever wins the series. Clippers duggan's, and that was always the frustrating thing about about Davis's reluctance to do it is I just feel like the game easier for him I mean everything you said about space in decision making for Lebron and the role players is I think w true. For Davis who is a guy who has perimeter attributes for a big guy I mean, he functions as one of the best friend protectors in the League but ultimately you know. If I'm Davis I don't I want to be less bully ball nut more fully bom floor and Again they're scary. I mean that was always to me a variable cam they go and it was it was a little tough going in because now they lost Bradley so they lost one of those competent. Extra guards that you could have on the floor and you know it was going to be an issue of depth and who else did they really have in which there guy in Yada Yada but..

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