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This morning with Swanny at 65 games. Phyllis is 63 at North George's News, Talk Wdun. This traffic report is sponsored by Hayes. Chevrolet GMC Buick Cadillac. Things still aren't getting any better on I 85 South and in Jackson County that overturned tractor trailer crash scene sounds like it's still blocking one lane there south of Highway 98 Maysville Road, and it's causing heavy backup. If you're headed that way, you're gonna want to exit and around us 4 41 make your way down to either dry pond Road or us 1 29. Any other accidents in the area. Right now we're all off on the side. The rest of your roads are looking pretty clear This time. No delays on 9 85, Georgia 400 or Pete Street Industrial Boulevard and 85 south bound in Gwinnett County. Looking about normal with a 17 minute drive from the 3 16 merge 2 to 85 Imagine test driving a Chevrolet GMC Buick and Cadillac with just one stop. Take your pick, and Hamza Baldwin. Just 20 minutes north of Gainesville on Highway 3 65 from the Access W D When hes GMC Cadillac Traffic Center. I'm Caleb Hutchins. Quick check of an article here about the best paying jobs that make people happy Morning a zebra dot com human resource managers the average salary nationwide $115,000 a year they're in high demand and almost every industry. Yeah, they really have a time finding people who work. So if you're looking for a rewarding career that pays There's your answer, I suppose human resource managers it's not worth the repair cost to risk your home washer and dryer for an industrial.

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