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Not only with us. But another guy gives us a lot of time to great job all week at the master's, greenie is another one our buddy, Mike thereto had the radio call. I'd swats how I consume the product on on yesterday yesterday because I was driving back. And I I gotta tell you it was it was entertaining. Even listen to. Yeah. It's we're blessed to have such great relationships with all those guys who did such great work, and we're building up relationship with Joel Khanna. He's the caddy for Tiger Woods we last had him on in August, and he joined us earlier in the show today. And I said Joe last August when tiger was runner up at the PGA. Did you know this day was coming? Well, I mean, I I was hoping today was coming minute today was coming. I mean like you said you may stay met the beginning there. No containing into. Late was begging obviously, wearing the torch championship was huge game. The comments that he could win again. I think he had the conversation content compete in a major and then this year, you know, he scaled down schedule only a year he was really fresh and well recipe coming in. And I don't feel he wasn't Gehring tear year around this past week. But he was making sure he was ready like last year he was trying to get through seventy two holes. It's good golf shots eventually contain what you did about Spar hill cetera. And then like I said if you want to the last term it's a win, but yet determines leading up to that too. When did you guys know that he was physically good to go and that his back and his other injuries weren't going to be a factor going forward? By the middle last year. I think all was gone with that kind of stuff. I mean, he's still very sore after weeks left, this we putting in a lot of time off the golf course working at it. So there's a soreness and stuff like that. But I think the major damage that part of it is over with and there's really no issues going forward. I'm not a doctor. But for now, he looks very very good. Joe did we see a more mature Tiger Woods playing the back nine in yesterday's victory? The shot where he placed it on twelve what he did on fifteen knowing exactly where to put it on sixteen while everyone else was bobbling in falling. You saw a veteran champion play the game the way he knew he had to play. So said for sure I mean, he's got more rows and most of those guys, obviously, I certainly the young kids in twenty. So he's certainly got more experience anybody else that was up at the top about leader for. So that certainly helps like you say he's not gonna change his game plan for say, they gotta make ladies might be different making his patients he can be. But you said we're always popping up all the other guys. And you know, experienced is a big thing. Big back from the maturity, I think, you know, when he gets a lead Mel like that he can check the golf I like, you know, nobody else's business. And I them the same thing. It's the World Series of golf in ten thousand thirteen when he had a five or six on Sunday hitting the right side of the green depends on the left ending to right other stuff like that. So the game was complete control. So he made it look easy. But it was not that Joel mccower guests on Waddell, and Sylvia SPN one thousand obviously on the bag for Tiger Woods and just a remarkable win yesterday Joe in all seriousness. You you've been around all these. Players for so long Hudson prize where you to see mar Mullery who is usually unflappable have the issues he had on the back nine. Yeah. I saw firsthand the pretty last year. And we he wanted term any weight right that day, but he got up and down. Everytime. You need to the little tougher to get the ball down at Augusta versus the British style. Golf course. And we are missing ring can't catch up a little bit. I was certainly surprised that you know, you just gotta Fifty-eight aren't twelve or maybe try to go to when that kind of lead and the two guys in dollars buying farmers Brooks ulcer both in the water as well. So it was a little bit of a funny brains Cussing around there. So he had just gotten a bad break the guys in front of a thing. But I think Molinari maybe I'll to their, but you know, when you're playing that. Well, and you like many shot you do it tiger, regardless of what Molinari getting if you had sex me there. I think it was always gonna hit it to left there and be safe because he knows after that, you know, the polls a lot can happen on those last can make a lot of ground. Joe's gigantic sports fan that you are can you just kind of take us inside the rope on what? A Sunday walking around Gusta is like with tiger. As the cheers are all about him. No. It's a thrill. I mean, you know, you're working, you know, you don't hear ROY wants to bring hair between the grains, and certainly there's a lot of energy out there with the crowd. But you're when you're work. He's trying to be focused for the most part. He's trying to get the job done on and so forth. But you know, he's had a game back basis. The beginning last year incredible story is you know, and you know, the crowds are very very enthusiastic there elected the other guys, but you know, five percents of the crowd was anyone else. When is it mean for you? You know? Especially for me because I'm working on. I can say the greatest player of all time, and you know, the magic special spot players, and you know, as caddy that's that's the flag that you want when it's all said and done special spot. We back every year, I'm going to gain the eight. So it's a fun spot for me. I love the golf tournament. They put out a job down there. The this guy. He's very welcome. Come a long way. So we do that we and our you know, kind of history. It's amazing Joel mccower joining us. It's waddling Selvi an ESPN one thousand Tigers catty on so in sixteen twenty sixteen. We the the speech from Jason Heyward during the rain delay game seven of the World Series. It sorta changed how the cubs went on to win. And it lives sort of as a famous speech an reading about your talk with tiger on five believe it was how big important was that what you said to tiger. Well, we we caught a little bit eating round. I said about you know, what they need to do is never lose your intensity. That's what you've got. You know, how you got here today, you know, very very there, but being loose. Don't don't be a waving to the crowd, laughing smile, and everybody's stuff like that. You've been sure that we're not here. Just joy back that we're in the last group and have a shot. But if I be losing just don't have the way to the world on your shoulders. He'll relax a little bit enjoy. But still have the intensity that you've always had. I think on five after we didn't a role in driving the bunker had a layup bogey and doing a three what makes Boll? Yes. Well, that didn't really work out too. Well, he kind of laughed and the day before I think I'm Saturday trees both times on fourteen from the left trees and may two great birdie and any beginning pricing on Saturday may do the same thing I shit. We're better off in the tree. Joe look you compare tiger now to the tiger. That was a competitor for the guys you were working for a guy that you knew obviously. Well, but you weren't working for him at the time. Now, he seems like he's one of the guys like some of the guys the younger guys, which he's probably twenty years older than a lot of the guys he's competing with are. Actually, they feel like he's part of the fraternity now, and it didn't feel like that was the case years ago. Totally totally agree with you know, I was I thought from afar back in the so-called heyday. And you're right of the lone ranger now, you know, obviously, the kid up to them as very young kids. But you're right now, one of the boys like even data you will. He hasn't a heavy past the older they hit it off. They talked a lot every time with Tony time while he's playing in the group, but he has lost the desire to win. Obviously. He's still a man on a mission. Kick your butts and same thing happened that the nationally when he played ROY. That's morning. He was not of mission. But he was polite cordial having shared a few labs. Pretty stephan. More one of the guys enjoy practice rows of the guys. I mean, we played in a force them at Augusta which is unheard of that day just one or two guys four guys had a great, doc. It's weird. I feel strange for saying, but it's fun for me watching him enjoy what he's doing now. And I think a lot of people feel the same way when he starts shooting the gum, and what kind is. Gum. It is. You know, rape president. My wife is asking me that night. I said to be honest with knows more often than pay attention. So they I have no idea what it is. And that on thirteen on Sunday. We're in the middle of five drive with two out favorite open. These things. I'm like really I said I'm trying to grind I what kind of clubs hoping for. I don't know what's going on with the gums there. So I I should know and I should ask. But I don't ask. I don't care guys. Bye while that's awesome. What what was going through your mind when the security guard thing happened? You know, it happened so bad. I mean, I only saw piece of it. Obviously, the poor guy started his job, and he sent the crowd rushing towards dive into maybe, you know, I think it probably rushing the ball going in their head around the corner to see what's kind of what I was doing. But as trained professionals. So I think he was trying to obviously job at any side stuff split in the bud. You saw and I you know, he made decent contacts. And I thought that you know, I thought he got hurt. And then of course, the next day on the range all the boys are selves Bagger was I don't think the yellow car. They injury. Hey, joe. What are you hoping your giant Stu week from Thursday? That's quarterback seventeen. Okay. You got it. All I have to say I heard your saw you with actually heard you with greeny this morning on get up. You were wearing your saquon Barkley shirt, correct? Gotta go with it. I think you know. The best player in the NFL bear out there. Don't wanna hear. Got the all important exhibition match up this year. It's in giants. That was earlier today. Joe lecomba joining us Tigers caddy Qatari cool, the here all that, you know, just a little longer than twenty four hours ago guys if.

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