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Having trouble hiring bus drivers Leander driver Terry Williams tells cave you he understands why an adult I think about writing on. A vehicle with sixty or sixty five kids and they're all, talking laughing, and may, be screaming from Time-to-time it's a little daunting Leander has eighteen openings dill. Valley needs seventeen lake Travis needs twelve dripping springs needs ten more drivers Austin could, be at odds with the state supreme court a plane of named Ed English is bringing the. Suit over inefficiency audit of the entire city government for voters to weigh in, on his attorney Bill ale Shire claims the city's language on the November ballot about that audit is misleading which is why they're going directly to the supreme court of being objective about letting the people vote on the proposition is obvious that most of the members of the council and the mayor or opposed to having an efficiency audit ale Shire says the ballot mentions an estimated cost of such an audit but does not, spill out any cost benefit which he says could be in the billions Eric. Like NewsRadio KLBJ eight oh. Four here's Austin's on time. Traffic with Melinda Brandt we continue to see that heavy congestion building on, all of the freeways and if you're trying to make Your way. Northbound on thirty five right before ninety we've got. A rack that is causing a delay there we also have that wreck on. One eighty three northbound. Just past seventy one, or Ben white, with huge. Delays behind. That reported collision over at staff knee. And congress your next report's at eight fifteen I Melinda. Orient with Austin's on giving way to some sunshine and a high of ninety five today from the weather center I'm.

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