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Snow but. Anyway so this one is thank you so much for this of this helps me stay. Connected with the practice field feel connected with you themselve. God and Really WanNa. Thank you. What I'll take away from your talk today. Is it okay to ask them push? Due to the whole time you. Feel like. You. Remember. Remember communication is is getting on the same page. simplisafe. That, thus, thus what we're doing, he knows communicating. The same life you know so that we're not all. You know in our own netherworld somewhere. The certainly understand that yeah. Me Too. But thank you so much, thank you. Question here. Versus you. To to clarify. On were. The commentaries They spoke of nonsense being broken. Base was broken. Yeah, visit in the. Back. Out of Absolute Luton's the relative to help. Explain that. A Yeah, he said I'm alright so I don't know if you could hear in the background so a read the the referenced if I. Kept it in place. Okay Nansen was asked a question by Joe Shoe Nelson's base was shattered. And melted away. So as soon as Soon as Nansen spoke basically than his, his expert directed experience of life. we it basically. Now why why am I saying that? Because basically then he's GonNa objectively. Look at his own life. Is objectively got to see west. Somebody else's coming from you split into two, but it's just skillful. Means is not the is anything wrong? There is just the light today I. Didn't I didn't know what to talk and I didn't really want to talk and part of it again is just i. just felt you know. How can I say something about this? It's it's solid. I just don't need anything as soon as I have to. Speak about something, am object to find to a certain degree. Now, it's a little bit painful, other wear. On into the weeds or Yeah yeah, but it's necessary. It's necessary slight. You may say something just to give somebody support. You know it's not necessarily you say something, but it is. You know so. We do all of these things like the me. Teaching is an unnecessary evil. And at some point I hope somebody else can do that. evil. So then I don't have the lab black. See, I'll get a poem. Sorry since. The end of the week for me. On this on this long groundhog day. Some of you may feel that way, too. ALL RIGHT SO Thank thank you all. And I e. I really hope that. All of us can can lend some thin deeply through this. Through this cove him as a very deep lesson, and all those things that come up negatively really use them as a teacher, and not the Aktau on them, but really look at them very very closely because they may be very helpful to US human being. I'm doing that, too. So..

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