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Actually just got off the phone with the film's director amanda lipids right before rerecorded and in our interview she talked about her background as a broadway producer and how it helped make what she called a documentary musical so i'll have that article up later this week and they just want to mention about the past two films there's been a lot of kinda news especially round detroit about who gets to tell certain stories in this country so detroit was made by a white female filmmaker step was made by a white female filmmaker i have interviewed i wanna say like six or seven a white filmmakers this past year who've made films about the african american experience and it's a really interesting question you know i think for us as filmmakers about you know who gets to tell whose stories how do you make sure someone stories authentic if you're not from their community uh and that you're being true to let you know the protagonists in the film and not sort of like putting too much of your own cultural lens on things so if you're interested in this topic i did a whole podcast about it with the makers of the film four akim it's called how to make it authentic movie about someone else's story and we will linked to it and the podcast post in now moving on some granted lines detroit beca film institute if ventured documentary grants has a deadline on august forth this one's a bit confusing because wild being put on by the tribeca film institute it's actually intended for documentary filmmakers working or living in the south it's a short documentary pitch competition that will be held in new orleans during the new orleans film festival on friday october 13th 2017.

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