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Okay so my uh fiance and i are a hundred seventy thousand dollars and good lord award um cars rv which we are selling all of them we just got proof for a loan for upside down in my truck there were looking for a buyer to how much how much of the cars in the rv of the one seventy oh no one hundred oh and they're all up for sale yeah okay yes the other seventy um to credit cards a personal loan because of she has a daughter custody stuff and then um let's see if he owes iras 5000 um i had i'm i'm a vet i just got out of military and i had an employment but they denied it three months later some having to pay all got back um yeah and i think that's the having a what unemployment oh okay and how much how much is not total not about it clinton okay so you're out of the navy and you are you're out of the military and you are now a veterinarian i met her whole cetera got on why did that okay okay so what are you doing for a living well right now i'm going to school i have the gi both so i get twenty seven hundred dollars a month for housing and then um the the university i'm going to give me a twelve thousand dollars grants for using now and they got a job uh um all of guarded my fiance he's not christian and he also looks at lowes goods or buzz working so what what's the household income um before the two jobs with everything would like the school stuff in his it's about one hundred two hundred and ten awesome.

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