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Timing J. C J sorry. I'm sorry, did I? It was Jamie back and I've just move. Get up. No, it was It was funny because you did that. Good afternoon is EJ kind of cried with you. And I'm like that may have been the perfect timing for J more. You bag I'm bad with CJ. Heard you say good afternoon, and it startled him. So go ahead. I'm listening. I tried. I tried to under your chicken, my type You an email? Don't always say ticket at the end. Hey, I gotta ask you a question, Jamie All the years you've been doing radio Has there ever been anybody who called in that knew more about couch football than you? Oh, there's tons of people that know more about college football. The needle you know who they are. Also you, JJ Oh, You played the game. I listen. I once said that Jefty plan. Everybody's gives me credit that the worst coach in the big 10 Bobby Williams has forgot more about football than out ever remember. That's how little I know just like John U, Bacon says, But I won't admit this. Remember two years ago when Josh Gattis took over the offense And I said, I don't like the higher because I was trying to be negative because we play defense and we time of possession to spread open offense doesn't do that. Remember me, saying that to you on the air? He's giving the thumbs up. Yeah, he's giving it a thumbs up. I did some digging this past year with Josh. Get us wearing the offense. We were 124. In time of possession, 25 minutes and 37 seconds of game the year before that we were 77th in the nation 29 minutes 31 seconds Then before that, we were served the nation 34 minutes in 18 seconds and the year before that, 21st 31 minutes and 57 seconds. I think the offense had a lot to do with the demise of the defense. And then we were 16th in 2000 and 16. 33 minutes and two seconds again. I I just point out the fact I'm not here to debate anything. I'm just your ad and nobody figured took the discussion about what I see. I think I I see things just different. I'm sorry Did I do when I want to put it all up there, But I had that not giving back to Michigan basketball. I will say the inside outside game this fantastic And the more please. You put up the more successful hand because you shoot 33% from threes. It's like shooting 50% from two and 50% is a pretty darn good mark from the two point range. And in the last game, I remember I believe hearing that Michigan was in the top four and field goal efficiency from two point land. So There you go. You want a big man? He's got the stuff. But I have no complaints about John B Lines came, especially at the end. We've got two good basketball coaches, and I will say that you want to really improve the defense that I'm very proud to see that and I will see 11 thing. He's doing a heck of a job as your recruiter and I just, um I give the guy kudos. He's a man of mountain man. And we don't use doing a great job. But what say you, Dennis? Well, the one part about it. At first, You said you didn't like the, you know, have a debate. But then you said you did throw things up for discussion. And you know, it's all about, you know. Coming in, and you know, talking about the point is gone. What's up? I should be the basement. Settle down. Brown's gone Well, no, I mean, there's you know, there are other things you know they can go on. I think when you talk about the time of possession, like you want to be able to Run the ball in the fourth quarter. But really, you know, like having a quick strike offense. I mean, the name of the game is like trying to say like if you say the name of the game is Racking up points. Then it seems like you're ignoring the defensive side, which I don't want to do. I think it's you know, it's zah third a part of the game. It's a very important part of the game. But what you really need is you. You have to be able to put stress on the other team by getting points up on the board. Now, if you just want time of possession. You know you could run a triple after like Army. You could go like Wisconsin and just, you know, trying to be road graders. I think you want to be able to. You want to be able to gear it up in the air, and you want to be able to grind it out of the ground in the fourth quarter when you want to. I mean that to me, That's some some of that sound simplified, but You know, just talking about time of possession. It does protect the defense There. You do have a point there. All right. I need that comment to Jamie when they hired Josh Gattis. I have a different thing about that. Maybe one time When I see you. We cannot discuss it something to be discussed off the air, Not on the up, and I will say, I'm glad At least Michigan's gonna have a couple of swimming's, although I know nobody's gonna be able to swim. See it this year. I know they just swim in here there is to see a jet JJ. The parents will see it. The parents will get a chance to see their kids. Who cares about the parents? I want to see him. Listen, girl state, Notre Dame were top five and in time of possession this year, So you got that? I understand. I think Wisconsin was at the top of this. You are the person the years I looked up real quick, Correct. Maybe not this year because they weren't successful, but now they were number one. I gotta ask you a question, Jamie. One time you don't have your kid. I don't Marcus did one time actually go to a swim meet. I could go to a swim meet. Just let me know when they when they when they're participating, probably next year, But I like to go gentle. How state Because of how states really. On the way up. They got a really good coach. Indiana's past us a little bit because their coach is doing a good job. Not that my mom's not doing a good job. Just the Indiana coach Ray Loose is doing a heck of a job. He took that Dennis Dale guy from Minnesota who used to give her a band check fits and he brought him in there and barter. Think thing up on these bad loans are John B. I mean, Mike Bottom has done a miraculous job with that women's swim team. It's never been a better and the fact that he's coaching both. I gotta give them two thumbs up, Assist Commander keeper I know nobody cares about swimming. But for the two of you that deal, Mike Bottom deserves your respect. And you know what? We're very lucky to have a guy like him, and he's bringing back the U of M diving again. So it's a positive day today. Happy New Year, everybody and for my favorite guy that behind the glass could cook cool. Okay. Uh, 7349 and 18 50. Let's go to Mustafa. What's up, we stop for.

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