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Thanks for listening to the atom and Dr Drew Show on podcast one. Well here we are again at the end of the week. We can move on into the new year. Start Thinking about twenty. Twenty in the positivity let's collaboratively about twenty twenty and listen looking looking be an atom. We've been collaborating all these years together. And here we are moving into twenty twenty again and we appreciate you being here appreciate and checking out the show as we move on into the new year this best of the best of week before we get the show the leading free streaming television service Pluto. TV Watch over one hundred TV channels thousand movies on demand all completely free Pluto TV TV. Never ask for credit card. You don't even need to sign up to watch for free. Just go to the APP store. You download the APP eclipse. Click on the APP. No sign up no money. Nothing and boom comes on your phone is Pluto. TV and they're great menu scrolling across your screen. Just like you're used to seeing from your satellite or oh cable feed. It's easy it is legal and it's a great way to watch your favorite TV shows and hit movies for free. Everyone wants to cut that cord. Here it is Pluto. TV What are you waiting for for never pay for TV again. Download Pluto TV for free and all your favorite devices today including your phone Roku Amazon Fire TV apple TV smart TVs playstations than anywhere where else you stream you. Put that Pluto. TV These guys are great and also check out the chassis channel. Five eighty five. You can see some of the crawl documentaries there and it's high high quality streaming Pluto. TV check them out. Don't wait happy holidays from your friends at podcast. One everyone expected from Lady Gang. We wanted to say. Thank you to the all advertisers for their support. This year we couldn't do without you have a very happy holiday season and pay this adult parole. I WanNa thank you for listening this year and have a happy free safe holiday. Hi It's Barbara Foxy wishing you a happy new year and this is Nicole. Yeah and we're wishing you happy holidays. Hey everyone it's Sheena shave from Shenanigans in an again just wishing you a happy holidays and very happy new year. Hey guys and Nadia from ladies like us want to wish our listeners. A very happy holiday and say thank you to all our advertisers support our show. We could not do it without you. Happy Holidays Hey. It's heather and Terry Bro. Hello happy holidays. Happy holidays. Everybody very shock. I know you love being center nor happy. Holidays from the father everyone it's Kalem Bristowe from off the vine podcast wishing you a very happy holiday season and thank you for all of your support this year. Tis The season of giving and we know you're looking for gifts for family and friends right now so check out our amazing thank sponsors. Who Bring you showman's every week or give us your ears and they'll give you awesome deals and we will give you more of the content? Love Haiti project just wanted to thank all lavar amazing sponsors for making this show possible every night they do so we can have this three hypotheses wise every week so thank you so much to all of our awesome sponsors. We love you and we really love all your products Steve Out here and I wanna wish a very happy holiday season and a happy new year and that's the bottom line Adam Corolla fans get it on the. NFL Playoffs are right around the corner. Her and you know what that means. We're getting closer and closer to that. Final Sunday of the season ever wanted to watch the biggest game of the year with the ace man. Well we'll now's your chance when you sign up for the newsletter at Corolla Newsletter Dot Com. You'll be automatically entered for a chance to win. An all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to watch the last game of the season in the car. Museum with Adam and friends let's wings barbecue plenty of endless rant. And Hey it's Hollywood who who knows we'll be there so good to curl newsletter dot com today because Corolla drinks may be flying you and a friend out to the city of homeless angels to Hear Adam rant about refs field goal posts and half Drunk Beers girl a newsletter dot com..

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