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A bob and sherry dot com and hit the contest tab. From Landon lacy jewelry at Landon lacy dot com. And bob and sherry. Instant access to the podcast podcast and fun side. Just download the free bob and sherry app. I just feel so lucky sometimes that I stumbled into this job. I don't know how I did it. But here I am, just kind of hacking around with you guys. And it's great. And when I see, when I see a list of the hardest jobs in America, I just go, man, God bless these folks and thank God there are some adults and some people who really can get in there and get their hands dirty because I'm probably not one of them. However, I've got the 20 hardest jobs in America, I want you to tell me sherry lynch, at least one of them that you think I could do. If I didn't have this, if someone said, bob has to do one of the hardest jobs in America. Okay. So I'm ready. Here we go. 20, I'm just going to burn through them. Number 20 asbestos removal operative. I've seen these guys work in these white suits. Wow. Don't say no of all of them. Just listen. And then just. I'm definitely saying no to that one though, 'cause you know how you are. You're all like, you're not going to want to remove asbestos. You're just not, okay, go ahead. That was number 21. Of course. All right, number 9, 19 is sewer cleaner. Number 18 is oil slash gas rig worker. These are the hardest jobs in America. Number 17 is a builder, like your husband. Number 16 hazardous waste removal worker. 15 search and rescue worker. 14. Home care assistant. 13. God bless them all teacher. Number 12, a minor going down into the earth, a minor, very dangerous. Number 11, a social worker. All right, we're in the top ten. Prison warden. That's number ten. Number 9. Hey, hey, hey. Number 9 farmer. Once again, you're looking for something that I probably could pull off. Number 8. Bomb disposal engineer. I have to admit. You're a little twitchy to be disarming the bombs. Hush, silence. Number 7 is healthcare worker. The 6th hardest job in America surgeon. Oh, yeah. A concentration in the education you need. Number 5, one of the most admired professions, firefighter. That's the 5th hardest job in America. I think it should be even higher. Number four, the police officer, every day, you don't know what you're coming upon. There's always problems. There's always arguments. There's always people lying to you. Number three, paramedic every single day you're out there and you're looking to save somebody who is in a very precarious situation. Number two hardest job in America a doctor and the number one, according to this little survey, the hardest job in the USA, and these days, I think you can't argue too much with it, is nurse. So there they are at the 20th of them. All right, so I worked together with me a lot. Which one of those jobs? The hardest jobs in America do you think I could do? I feel that you could learn how and eventually get pretty good at being a sewer cleaner. I do. I feel like you could learn that. There's probably not a lot of math. There would be a nursing or bomb disposal. And you do like things that are clean, you're a clean man. We've pointed that out many times to how clean you are. So I think learning to clean a sewer, at the math free hygiene zone. I like it for you. I think you could do any of those jobs. It's will you have the patience to do any of those jobs? There's some math in some of them there, max, I mean, I don't know. And do you really think you think bob's gonna come to your house and give nana a sponge bath? I don't think so. As much as nana might want it, I don't think bob's up for that. I think but a sewer cleaner, yeah. And you could probably work alone, which you would like. You could have your earbuds in, you could be listening to credence or whatever. And you know, and after cleaning the sewer all day, I'll go home and be alone, too. You're gonna have to come in sewer cleaner. That's the out of the 20 things sewer cleaner. Nothing against the sewer cleaner community. I mean, God bless you, it has to be done. How about search and rescue? Search and rescue worker. I'm out there. Carrie, are you, are you in that part of the forest? The attention to detail, you know, the whole grid search thing, the whole navigating, no, and you know you don't want to be a paramedic. You know how you are about other people's bodily fluids. You're not going to like any of that. How about a teacher of certain certain subjects? Bob, we're struggling to get the basics taught in school, a class called choosing a restaurant. We're not going to get that funded. I don't know. That's a good point. It looks like here's what professor lacy is teaching this semester. Choosing a restaurant, why your taste needs adjusting? So it's in Maine to vacation. Even a liberal arts college is going to have more time with that. So it looks like sewer cleaner or maybe, you know, if I wasn't skiing so much asbestos removal operative. I could probably you're too much of a hypochondriac or too much contract for that. Okay, bob's first week as an asbestos removal technician. At the end of it, he develops a cough, and no matter how many times we tell him it's the pollen, he's convinced he has inhaled asbestos. And he lies awake at night, trying to listen to the asbestos fibers moving around in his lungs. True or false. That's true. It is. Yeah. Yeah. Whereas you getting down in the sewer in your protective boots and shoveling. I mean, you've been shoveling them in order here for a long time. Why not? Well, you know, you're right. Your job. Yeah, I don't know why I didn't see that. Okay, well, there it is. Thanks. I think. Congratulations. Yeah. Bob and sherry, can you believe this is sponsored by fabric? 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