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The everybody was viewed game todd pad is all the time for pact not become a whole bunch of stuff happening in the world a video games i'm andrea rene joined in person in the flesh by christine steimer higher got to hug you today we didn't get to hauge was a hug birdie prabhakar is great high hello and i don't think i've hugged alexa ray career yet nope i'm here though i will us call on his own land a a bit later we are here to talk about all things video games we are your source a four nerdy news and we hope that you guys aren't joined the show thank you so much for coming in listening to us yeah we really appreciate it and if you guys aren't listening for watching we really appreciate it if you could head on over to iteens or google play or spotify and download the podcast maybe leave us a rating of review or if you wanted to get even more involved we've got our patron website that's patron dot com slash what's good gains we get exclusive behind the scenes photos videos and all other kinds of cool stuff we have some exclusive streams that happened this week if you are a patient you've got to see them you saw the shenanigans that happen what if you want to get in on the action once again had to that website pigeon arqam's such was good games okay so ladies gains come just happened this week it did yeah lots of stuff happened all the stuff we got a bunch of news to talk about news service were there may well not literally like britney spears hit me one more time subtler yeah exactly so the first thing on my docket today massive and drama will not be receiving any additional d l c but the franchise isn't dead so this is an interesting story before we get into the specifics let me read their official's statement.

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