Ivanka, Eric Trump, Elaine Chao discussed on The Mark Levin Show


To the extent he's brought on these other programs that will bring them onto trash him tacoma conspiracy theorist a partisan there's nothing partisan about his book he undressing mcconnell and his wife justice addresses the biden family and the carey family and many many more this is corruption these people are corrupt going to say that it's not collusion it is corruption i mean it's it's it's on your look look at what the focus is on on the trump family the trump's came into government that is donald trump his daughter ivanka and of course jared kushner extremely wealthy people extremely wealthy people donald trump junior and so forth he's not in government even though it's closed as father and so forth and eric trump's not in government close to his father and so forth these people were already wealthy businessman already experienced businessmen and so forth and so on they don't need government to get rich they're already rich federally government at all now look at mcconnell look at elaine chao based on this book look at these other people now joe biden has never held a serious job certainly not the private sector is too stupid and so he's been in government is entire life how is joe biden a multi millionaire disgusting mitch mcconnell has been in government almost as entire life he's never had a serious wellpaying private sector job and you know he and his wife are worth up to thirty million thirty five million dollars it's incredible and they'll tell you well it was a gift from my father well you heard what i just read out of the book that there are these connections with the chinese government you can't get rich off the chinese unless you're part of the chinese government or they allow you to get rich that's not a private sector capitalist system that's an autocracy and iron fisted autocracy that allows business activity to the extent they don't want to allow business activity it's pretty disgusting and i'm just so glad that you you you're talking about this 'cause like i said you know one lays this out better than you so while you're very sweet and here's the thing i don't just bring people on do a quick interview move to the next one mood to the.

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