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Freedoms to secure your rights to be normal in Washington. Gilbert continually praised former president Trump and even got a call from him, which he played over speaker phone for the crowd. From Pierre news, in Grand Junction Colorado. World financial markets, Asian markets, lower by the close, the Nike, the main market in Japan down nearly 1%, the hang sang in Hong Kong down 1.8%. You're listening to NPR news. On member station double the NYC at 6 O four, good morning, 67 and here comes the sun now. Today, sunny and warmer up to 84. We have delays this morning on the E G R and number four in 5 trains in the city. Kathy hochul was won the democratic nomination for New York governor setting her on an expected path to win the governor's office in November, hope will be back primary challenges Tuesday from New York City's elected public advocate, jimani Williams, and congressman Tom swazi, moderate from Long Island, Democrats have more than twice as many registered voters as Republicans in the state and are expected to keep the governor's mansion in the fall. Long Island congressman Lee zell and his won the Republican Party's nomination for New York governor. He defeated primary challenges last night for former Westchester county executive rob estorino, businessman Harry Wilson and Andrew Giuliani, the son of the former mayor, taking his stage to declare victory last night, zeldin shifted his message directly at incumbent governor Kathy hochul and the crowd went wild. Are we ready to fire Kathy hochul? Zelda will try to in November to become the first elected Republican governor in New York since George pataki was reelected in 20 in 2002, that's 20 years ago, the staunch ally of former president Trump was among the Republicans in Congress who voted against certifying the 2020 election results. New York City swimming pools opened to the public yesterday, but unannounced closures and long waits dampened the occasion for some, the city is struggling to hire enough lifeguards to staff its poles and beaches, bushwick residents of Anthony heves arrived at her neighborhood pool yesterday morning, only to find it locked. She and her 6 year old son eventually went to the mccarren park pool in Williamsburg, but a lack of available lifeguards there meant the city had to slash capacity at the poll by 70%, forcing the U.S. to wait online for hours. We

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