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We're gonna see a hands fly because jobs has been knocking awesome people plus you might look for a takedown there to he's confident is kick kickboxing which means that jaws will look for the ko Sugar i'm sorry but it is what it is service on o'malley was supposed to be a big name opponent. He's a guy who's on the come up for a lot of people don't know Sugar sean was undefeated. Locked to marlon marlon vera. Got kicked in the leg agitated the the injury he he won his last fight. He's coming back to fight somebody but unfortunately the prisoner is opposed to fight. Pulled out. so he's fine. A guy by the name of christmas tino Martinez fought a little bit of c. s. c. on mess Think somewhere i forget. The words i originally but on the kid is aggressive. He's improved. what is striking. He has already jujitsu. But as i said on. Tj's it's a big opportunity for him. You're fighting on mcgregor card. You're fighting in card of a mcgregor card and you're fighting a guy who has a lot of hype behind them and sugar sean. O'malley you gotta show up kit. If you don't show up and they get beat by sean. Then it's to be expected but take this opportunity on short notice to do your thing. Even if you don't look you know what i mean like a like a divine spirit in there you know you can at least go in there. Put on a tough fifa schanche and you know what i mean and putting them and push them. Push that man to limit. You know what. I mean vitamin there. You can't fight. Range you sean. Because of your fight. I ranger sean. Sean is gonna put your lights off. That could skinny that kid got the. Mj moves in the cage. When i say jordan smooth smooth criminal does not like oh man the sugar on move. He is smooth. He is smooth brash. But he i give him his credit. When it comes to his standup he ca- fight man What else not plugged. Yeah he's yeah plus nine hundred so if you win big money if you put the bets on while i renowned donna versus yana kuna sky number four versus number five in the division. The bantamweight division. I'll donna was somebody that i kind of had hopes that would fight. Amanda nunez what. She has some glaring holes. her takedown defense is one of the glaring holes. She has jujitsu but she shows that if you can hold their down She might not be able to get it off as clean as she wants to She's fighting yana as i said Janas taekwondo practitioner. She has jujitsu or improve the latter clinch game and her take downs so some of those things are kind of wandering problems..

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