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Been getting murdered the Sixers is off season beginning murdered should hopefully, exactly, so I'm with you and. Again I think that obviously media has changed reporting his change there are just more sources more ways to get your information more. Media so and more times to get it wrong more time. To, get it also that just means the, in my opinion you just you have to work harder in those roles, because everybody's getting the same, stuff, out especially with beat reporters there like what thirty guys down there every day Cup team like realistic fifteen whatever it. Is every, day so everyone's. Trying to create content and there just isn't enough different content. To go around as well when this team is successful so I think there are a lot of factors to it. Yeah and especially now there are still. Here here's the issue to right is. Because there is still a delicate balance at least to, me of okay you have to tell the story and go with whatever point, of view or angle that you're doing with. It But also. I don't know if we're to. That point of just like hey I think wanna talk. About this let's just. Use gym, shorts for instance if you came out and said I. Actually think he's a great defensive coordinator or not a great defensive coordinator. What is your angle to kind of go and prove that especially in a in a in a, time where other, than using the Super Bowl is an example of it really fell down right I think you, hit on a really important. Point to in with a lot of media now I think baseball's, a, nice example of this in. That this statistics and analysis has gotten to such a level now where I mean you can pretty much with baseball players you. Can you don't need to watch them play to know how. Good, they are at literally look at statistics, and amount of statistics and all that and get at least a general, idea of what that type, of, player is and that takes some of the reporting out of it it takes some of the and all that To cut you off is why it's taken. The adjoining out of baseball in general I think for me because of that. I don't like that I don't like that there's not you know whatever you want to say in listen John hayman's a big stupid idiot. And writing and thinking about what's his face from Milwaukee. Josh Hader was gonna say I hate Josh Yeah so like, how having all of. That in there you. Know you, can't really, do I don't know he's that true, baseball writers don't have the personal side stories I feel like every other sport does that, really well cluding hockey which, is also driven Driven people, out there who do. That stuff for. Sure I think John Hayman is not that guy John Hayman. Is a guy who is reporting on what teams are doing moves all on fan credit Yeah Big John Hayman. Guy he's seems at least historically with the. Reporting he does to be a guy who throws a lot of stuff at a wall and six, now obviously as sources and all, that but he's the for people that don't know like the Ian Rapoport of. Of Maybe even a like in report light I would even go so far. As to, say so you know for. Me like there are guys out there doing that. Stuff, the other side. Of things and not player perspective is up. Jayson stark is a perfect example of someone who takes a very different approach to how he covers, baseball and the best I mean..

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