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I i got to say. I thought i knew everything about red hall. I never knew there was some bad blood there with larry flow and maybe mark all the above. I had no idea that. I thought they offered uni said. Ads doesn't work out. Not not at all not at all. I did you stay quiet about that. Have you talked about this now. Just privately with people. I'd soon but i think enough time has passer. Thank the true. Should come out it always. It should come on and we joked about. We went blues. How long did it take you. To debunk the other biff. That you are the guy walking down market street the night before the parade. I never heard that one but it's definitely not true. not well. There was a picture online. You've not heard this. There was a picture of a guy. Let's just say this particular guy. Maybe had a few extra bud lights any. He's walking down market street. Kinda where the old mike shannon's was rack. You'd literally in the middle of the road and people take a photo. they said. Holy shit redskin ready for the parade And it looked close but if there's no way it was but he looked damn close to you. I can't believe you haven't been told this. No that's funny but it definitely wasn't me it was i walk. I walk in anywhere. I'm getting. I'm heading awry. Olympia let me ask you this. What when teams win. And you did it. Carl hart is it in the years. After that i think the blues are sort of dealing with that now because especially here. We talked about it forever. They do it in. It's like okay now that was it. It was unbelievable waited fifty years. Now what is there sort of a natural. Is it a low the years after no i just you know like i said it takes such incredible mounts of of luck and timing and and players having Unbelievable career years or unbelievable playoff runs to win the cup and to all the sudden. Put that all back together again. In another year is very tough. And that's what's now and then you know. Sometimes you build a team that has that one chance to win a cup with contracts. And i'm not sure that's how it was. But you got people that retire you've got Contracts on free agents that leave and you know. The chemistry goes out of the out of the balloon for lying or whatnot. And all of a sudden. You're just not quite the same team you were and and that's why you rarely see teams anymore except for obviously tampa who put together a very young team..

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