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They have in donald and gerry goffin guess todd gurley he maintains his level the three of them become so expensive that keeping them around because of their importance might actually prevent you from having good enough team to win the let's continue this conversation because i think the rams part is really interesting about what they have coming up the how how open is the window and how long will it stay open because there's a whole bunch of different pieces that are moving on namely like you just mentioned any of the money that's gotta come to some other guys after this season as well we'll do that next kurkin andy in four marcellus marcellus and travis espn la kirk morrison and kevin ski in for marcellus today we're talking about the rams and the they've done so many things since the last season and they added marcus peters yeah they add to keep to lead they added dhamma consume that having a rookie camp that's how that's how they all know level right yeah a different level we just talked anthony lynn they had rookie camp grant we don't even know rookie ken there we good in here's here's what's so crazy all the moves that they made whether it's guys like us talking about it whether guys that are inside the nfl talking about it almost without accession because don't know that's a really good move there hasn't even been that lone voice out there saying you know what yet it looks good but here's a potential problem and this is my this is my greatest fear going into this is there has to be some traps here it never goes like this it never is easy as well marcus peters is good and to keep leave is good and indaba consumers good brandin cooks is good let's just add those guys and we'll be better that whether it's mix or good fortune or bad luck or whatever it is i keep waiting for the other shoe to drop well i think it was similar to you know obviously i'm gonna go low basketball here when lebron james and the the big three i assembled in miami the first year and remember the first game they play remember they loss they actually lost a boston and like oh and then they get to the finals and they lost in the.

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