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Yeah, I would cook with Brandon cooks this week last week he was a absolute stud had a huge game for fantasy manager's. He's got the Titans this week. They've allowed 20 touchdowns and the third most fantasy points. Wide receivers in that same game. I like Corey Davis. He had us think of last week, No points on two targets. But the Texas of 21 touchdowns and the six most points the wide receiver, so I think this could be a high scoring game and then Hollywood Brown. I mean, earlier in the season, he had done next to nothing, but he has now given you 12, plus fantasy points in five straight games, and back in week five, he had nearly 20 fantasy points against Cincinnati. So Hollywood Brown is a wide receiver Three Flex this week. Wide receivers to sit Tyler Lockett, He remains on the list. He has failed to score more than 20.3 fantasy points in six straight games. Three of those games he scored single digits and the 40 Niners held him to just 7.3 fantasy points back in week. Eight. Judiciousness Schuster is a really tough sell for me. The Browns defense is much better at home and bend rather's burgers, not playing. And if you have a short memory Well, then maybe you don't remember that When Jude you played with base and Rudolph last year, it was not very good. Chase Claypool. Also on that system list and Robert Woods. Here's the good news. He's probably gonna get a lot of targets this week because Cooper Cup is on the covert 19 list. Here's the bad news. Those targets are gonna be coming from John Woolford, who has as many NFL pass attempts as Jason and I So start Robert Woods with Extreme caution. All right, tight end started setting where you gotta start Michael Sticky this week against the bills. They've allowed eight touchdowns and the seventh most fantasy points too tight. Anson gets sick. He has a really nice report going on there with two a tongue of Loa, Evan and groom who's been up and down all season long like a roller coaster, But he has scored at least 9.5 points and all but one of seven career games against my beloved but pitiful Dallas Cowboys, who might actually still win the division. That's just crazy. Ah, couple of Titans to sit this week Austin Hooper against the Steelers. Cleveland will get back all of their top four wide receiver's off the coded list, and the Steelers have allowed only two touchdowns. The tight ends all season Long and Jimmy Graham don't chase the points Last week, he had two touchdowns. He's got a revenge game this week. To me, it doesn't matter. The Packers I've only allowed five touchdowns and the fourth fewest fantasy points too tight. And so keep Jimmy Graham on the sidelines. Alright, well, your fantasy playoffs may be coming to an end. But the NFL playoffs air here and the NFL.

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