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Cavaliers getting that deal done that so two guys that obviously have done a lot of deals and business and just made up their mind that they were going to get this deal consummated no in that deal with you had to give up one of the brooklyn pick since the last brooklyn pick in 2018 and that takes me back to this draft you guys finally win that draft lottery i'll try not to bring up two thousand seven although those band did win it i was sitting out there who were that you've got how it you had to be excited because i know two guys on the age of paying a huge on television with next to magic johnson enjoy lim be going who's that guy nobody cared uli was pretty well that was me by the way and i really had a fun time when winning that letter yeah i know especially after a seven when you didn't i know that one was that one was tops so you were the lucky charm i'll take whatever happened though seven it it ended up working alpha isn't that the truth i mean having the new big three no we did not we went from the second ranking to the fifth pick in seven yeah he doesn't remember yeah no that was tough at the time but it worked out great gotcha championship with kevin garnett paul pierce in rowan but you win this loud we have the number one pick and you guys make a decision to trade down to number three you make a deal with the philadelphia seventy six or through take marquel folts at one you guys take jason tatum who's been fantastic this season at three why was jason a better fit for you guys denmark marco faults while i will tell you that when the picks come up danny makes them so we look to danny to lead our talent evaluation and so the trades or another thing that's there's more input and there's more back and forth in the more aspects to it and he leads that process as well but he really has a total of thought.

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