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A ten thousand dollar increase over less than three years so you get it as of less than three we've been here now just three as of a few days ago time flies but ten thousand dollars so that's a in a three year period so that's something really special they've never seen growth like that we're delivering for Americans and we're doing it for every race and color religion creed creating not only the most prosperous but also the most inclusive economy anywhere in the world I believe that it's the most inclusive economy anywhere in the world that's a great thing to create jobs and opportunity we designated nearly nine thousand opportunities owns and distressed communities where capital gains are long term investments are now taxed at zero opportunities owns have been incredible Kim Scott the senator great senator from South Carolina came to me two years ago and he had this idea and nobody knew it was going to work out the way it has but billions and billions of dollars are pouring into the communities part of that also is the fact that we do so well as an economy that people have the money to put in but it said there's probably never been anything like this tremendous wealth is now pouring into areas that for a hundred years so nothing no dollars nothing the thirty five million Americans who live in these areas have already seen their home values rise by twenty five billion dollars over the country my administration also understands that for our cities to thrive our citizens must be safe and they must be secure and that's why we are working with state and local governments through the revitalized project safe neighborhood you know that program project safe neighborhoods to adopt the most proven and effective crime fighting techniques we're also in acting landmark criminal justice reform to improve reentry programs and reduce all of the things that we try and strive so hard to take care of if you look at our prisons now we have people coming out and they're able to get jobs more than at any time ever in the history of our country that's because the economy is so good and we've given incentives and it's been an incredible success employers are really really happy and people are going back to jail have anywhere near the clip it's been something that's been incredible criminal justice reform I was asked by a group of people that won the very liberal side of things and we got a group of people that were on the very conservative side of things and we got it done nobody was able to get it done we got it done criminal justice reform and that's something we're very proud of is really working fantastically well as a lot of.

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