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I imagine at some point I m taking a picture of something that says, no pictures, but I can't read that yet. Well, no, I I think I know no like inside form. But yeah, I don't know. Anyway, so future language schools because it sounds like you're just doing things that are in the areas that you want to using the language. So is that. I'm all about goal setting. My I definitely want to keep improving my Mandarin, and I wanna get over to the teashop more and have more conversations. And I am now I I have a goal to learn the basics of Cantonese because I live in Guangdong province. I live in the homeland of Cantonese food, and culture and language, and when I arrived here about a year ago, I realized wow, I I'm not in Kansas anymore that I had learned Mandarin for maybe six years. And now everybody around me, speaking Cantonese, and they they use Mandarin for transactions and for school and stuff, and for meetings may be but besides that their mother tongue is Cantonese and all my students a lot of them their their first language languages Cantonese. So I thought this is opportunity, and it's fun. So yeah, the basics of canton is would be a goal of. Mine I live right now differences between Cantonese Mandarin. What striking news the biggest? I'm not I'm not worried too much about the writing. I was at first. But then I thought that you never riot. Silly to force yourself to be good writer when you don't when you're not gonna use it. That's just trying to keep up with the Joneses with people who have different goals from you. You're not going to be ready in Chinese. You don't even want to. You're not interested in that. So don't force yourself to do that. But the that said the care some of the characters are the same some of them are written differently. Some of them are pronounced similarly or the same some are pronounced differently. The what I really like. And what gives me a leg up is the sentence structures are the same as far as I can tell so I just need to learn how to pronounce the words differently, but how you set up your sentences, and basically have your conversation as very similar again as far as I can tell as a beginner. So there's basically six tones some people will say there's nine, but I think in the. In the recently revised system that I use the ping system. They say there's really only six tones, but but again same approach to Mandarin. I'm not gonna worry too much about the tones. You know, an I I've gone Allen. I've spoken a little Cantonese, and I can make myself understood. So I'm not going to let that hold me back just the same as Mandarin. It seems a little bit more sing song a little bit more cut up then Mandarin. And when I spoke some to my parents, they said, you know, that sounds like Vietnamese to me, and I did a little research. And I realized there's millions of Cantonese speakers in Vietnam. I did not know that. Zone. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Wow. So it's part of the I guess the Pearl River, delta, Cantonese language, culture that has has moved and spread out of South China. I guess going into Vietnam. And I don't know how similar Vietnamese sounds to canton is. But my parents saw aren't speaking Vietnamese. So now, it's Cantonese. So it sounds a little bit more choppy. I would say the Mandarin. But I I like Salat fun often. That's really cool. All right. Yeah. No. I hadn't ever thought about that bout that, but that makes sense that makes a lot of sense, and is choppier and in madman input on wa it. There are more like sounds than the Orange Buick news. Yeah. Oh, that's interesting whom? Okay. Really, really cool. If we're if we're, you know, emphasizing language learning. That's that is my that's one of my jobs is making language learning card games. I have a company called language card games, language card games dot com. And I did that because that is one way that I like to learn and play and I couldn't find language learning games..

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