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There's hudson on there are a tucker tucker i mean up there we're looking at lot of world class cars of they're looking at db four five i can't quite looks like a d four five looking at in front of with aston martin yeah but don't see it concession stand its world class yeah where's the hot dog dog talk of the have a food truck area then at the end in a bunch of different food trucks included there's a local favorite called to ease us down off huntington drive and it's their logo figured out a guy with clothes pin on his nose and it's up on their sign and how was that your logo and someone explained to me what time so they're they're different food trucks there's also vip section you can buy vip ticket and there's a buffet there's beer and wine but i don't know about alcohol somebody like we have such great food or care murage we have such great food trucks and stuff out here and they always go to these great events has somebody created the mimosa truck like roll off you're leaving money on the table you don't call it a most mobile sorry the most of them veal yes there should be an just like for the golf cart out with the hot chick that pours it up on the links who gives you the the bud lights you know hot dude shirt off drive around in the golf cart pouring the ladies most.

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