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Bart, Napa County, Oakland discussed on KCBS Radio Midday News


What it was in early March he expects lean budgets and federal assistance dollars well into twenty twenty three if you're comfortable so you know there's you know there's a vaccine there's you know the economy is starting to look good you know your employer says yeah you can come back in but are you comfortable coming back in powers says bart is working with the bay area council to pull employers to see what plans they have for allowing at least some employees to work from home at the same time bart has embarked on a major system wide effort to routinely and intensively clean its stations and trains so the public will feel it's safe to return if the opportunity is there we want you to take part in public transportation that you don't state getting in your car is not a sustainable solution in Oakland Jeffrey Schaub KCBS barber shops and hair salons in napa county have begun welcoming back clients but there are plenty of changes customers must wear face coverings and may have their temperatures taken stylists and barbers have to wear masks gloves and eye protection and wipe down all of their equipment after every appointment case CBS news time eleven forty four we're just getting word that the Boston Marathon is being canceled entirely this year the race had been postponed from April to September fourteenth because as of the corona virus pandemic and now the decision has been made to cancel the Boston Marathon entirely we'll have the rest of the sports story coming up in one minute with Steve Baker and Noah game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive where we see how long flow can go without talking about insurance ready to go some of them have you noticed how everyone's grammar is completely awful now like you know the texting in the LOL whatever happened a punctuation I mean it's a big okay we can't help but save customers money progressive casualty insurance company affiliates informed has never mattered more testing protocols regimes as they involve more people are tested having a trusted news source is essential more people are tested positive you will start seeing those numbers increase all news all the time.

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