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Welcome to the global politico i'm susan glasser and each week i'm taking you backstage in a world disrupted we feature interviews with leaders in washington and around the globe who can help us understand an international world that can seem like it's spinning out of control join me every monday for new episodes subscribe rate us right a written review on apple podcast whatever you're preferred podcast platform and you can always email me at ask glasser at politico dot com and now to today show welcome back to the global politico this is susan glasser and once again i'm delighted to have as our guest uh my friend the new boss lady of the center for a new american security at victoria new lindt where were sitting right now in your in your your new empire uh and uh we were just debating whether the right term was to say she had an amazing m zelic like career uh in all the hot spots of american diplomacy and america's position in the world both in washington and overseas over the last few decades are or whether it's better to say it's a forrest gump lake career so uh tori thank you so much for joining us this week on the global politico i'm i'm really delighted uh to have you as our guest will thank you susan for the opportunity to be with you i love your podcast so i'm a police that i'm going to i'm doing this with you in my first month that the center for a new american security well that's right i know your your new to the podcasting were.

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