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Detroit Golf Club, once again from the 2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic, presented by Rocket mortgage. Here's Paul W. Smith. You know as bad as we all think we've had it and we've had it pretty bad with the flooding and all the annoyances that have come up from Mother Nature and our Seemingly inability to deal with a lot of rain. Be that as it may well, get to the bottom of that We're not going to let this go. But as bad as it's been for us, it's worse for others. Including the people who are out there, working. Including At least One DTE worker who we've not been able to get the name. I asked Dan and she's looking, but they may not have released it. But A D T worker working on our behalf. To get the power back. Died. You probably saw that or heard that by now. So as bad as it's been for everyone, it's not, thankfully, been that bad. The other people who are working hard. The people on the roadways. That's very dangerous, too. That is something that I have to remind us all about that When we come upon workers, they're working on our behalf to make things better. And in the past, when workers were out on the roads, people were swearing at him yelling at him. That's just crazy. Now, believe me, It's been a generally crazy time for the last year and a half. Whatever Covid excuse were using there is no excuse. Yell at the people who were Working on power. 50,000 people. T customers still without power about 50,000. And those workers that climb up and work on those wires. One died I know that Diane Cross worries about things like that. With her job as spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Transportation and always being very helpful to us under the toughest of circumstances. And Diane Good morning. Thanks for coming back. I know how busy you are. Slowly but surely we're going to see some normalcy. Good morning, Paul W. And let me also add our deepest condolences to the DT families that were affected, and those people do truly risk their lives every day as you are road workers and that I can add to what they go through. People also throw things At the workers. Oh, my, Believe it or not, that the water? Yeah. Thanks from there, throwing things at the workers that are trying to help things get better. Don't I'm really at a loss. That kind of frustration that we we all feel it. But the idea that common decency just is very often lacking, But we do have some very good news that westbound did reopened last night about 4 20. Westbound 1994 between I 96 Michigan Avenue and Dearborn going from Detroit to Dearborn. We do have one small spot that's has still has the right lane closed near West Grand. Where we had to do some repairs, but we hope to have that reopened by tomorrow. So that will have all three lanes open eastbound. Unfortunately, another story, it turns out, he had quite a bit of damage about 300 ft across all four lanes. Of east from 94 near Warren. We have to dig up the roadway and, um, put down new gravel support because the water just eroded all of the earth kind of underneath that section, And so it's just kind of collapse. The roadway did. So we're having to rebuild that. So it could be at least a week week and a half before we can have eastbound that 94 open going from Dearborn into Detroit. If anyone ever questioned the strength, the damaging ability of water they.

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