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Or did you do hello mother. This is jim baker. My husband jessica chastain there as tammy faye bakker in the eyes of tammy faye which opens nationwide this weekend. Andrew garfield co stars as jim baker. Tammy's husband who people of a certain age like us josh. Remember as one of the most prominent televangelists of nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty. Nine baker was sentenced to forty five years in prison for fraud. This movie is directed by michael showalter. Who made the very good two. Seventeen rom com. The big sick. The eyes of tammy faye came up a couple of weeks ago. During our fall movie preview. You have seen the movie and as i alluded to. We lived through the eighties. The bakers were inescapable in popular culture. At seem does the movie convinced that there is more there was more to jim. Tammy faye than we remember or what we saw in parodies from the time i mean it had to for me because my only point of reference was jan hooks portraying. Tammy faye bakker. On saturday night. Live visiting the church lady. I think phil hartmann was was jim baker. Actually so i didn't really know much beyond that of the story. I mean would have been a little kid at that time. And so yeah this was interesting to get some of the background info a lot of it drawn from the two thousand or two thousand two documentary of the same name. The eyes of tammy faye haven't seen that one. But from what. I understand both at end this i can attest to very much rehabilitation projects. You know to to say that there was more and of course there was more to to this woman than what we saw on saturday night. Live or in news. Reports jessica chastain as tammy faye is going to make you believe that no matter what. She is the powerhouse force in this film. The reason why i liked it. I think overall as a movie. It's it's a little strange. It's both really obvious like hitting its themes and points very underlying them like she on like her makeup his underlying. You know but at the same time it's also kind of thinly developed. There are things we wish. It explored further or more deeply. So the material isn't great. Here but chastain is tammy faye does something. It's curious adam you you know. I've talked about this. How this is the sort of performance that i normally would bristle at where it's it's it's really big. It's an actor going through a physical transformation. It's geared for oscar attention right but but why it works here is because that all lines up from what i understand of the real life. Tammy faye bakker this. This is someone who had a peppy. Cheerful bright public presents the entire movie. Adopts that and chastain does to. This is almost like you're you're experiencing this movie. What it would have been like to live through the fame and the failure of this ministry through her is how she would have seen it and how she sees herself. So it's really a galvanizing performance. I couldn't help but admire at the end. I even started thinking that it it kind of reminded me of. We've been going through a various sort of loose joan crawford marathon at home. Maybe you know movie every month or so here with the family and it did remind me of the ways crawford could kind of just takeover a film that dared caster and a lot of times. These were films about women who were at their wit's ends or or facing societal expectations that they wanted to upend and so it was interesting to see chastain. Do something similar here just grabbing this movie by the throat giving it a fierceness that kind of aligned with what you understand tammy faye bakker might have had underneath all that niceness that she presented so so. I think it's definitely worth seeing for chest pains performance which i think is probably what intrigued both of us about the project to begin with. I hope to catch up with it soon. The of tammy faye opens wide this weekend next week on film spotting we kick off our twenty twenty one who've review last year. It was christopher nolan. This year we consider the entire filmography of new zealand director. Jane campion with a series devoted to all eight of her feature films including her latest the power of the dog which comes theaters late november and then to net flicks in december. So that was really the impetus besides for me wanting to catch up with these films. Most of them blind spots for me. It seemed to set us up well to consider her new film which has gotten all sorts of acclaim coming out of various film festivals including benedict. Cumberbatch is performance. Our first campion will be sweetie from nineteen thousand nine which is one of those blind spot for me. I know it's not a blind spot for you. It's made a least one or two top five louis over the years including i recall top-five female directed debuts. I think you had it at number five. So you must think sweetie is a pretty good start absolutely. I think i probably went on a bit of a campion kick after the piano. I'm trying to remember when i would have. I seen it. It definitely would not have been in eighty nine. So that's probably when. I first saw it but cannot wait to revisit it. As part of this who've view sweetie is currently available. I love the way you say that. On the criterion channel and available for digital rental more information about the campion oeuvre view is film spotting dot net slash campion. Also next week we prepare ourselves. Vialli some fun josh. We prepare ourselves for the end of the daniel. Craig bond era by revisiting. His first outing as 007. Two thousand six's casino royale for its fifteenth anniversary. You telling me you don't consider the card counter fun. i'm saying. It's a little more grueling. Josh just just a little tougher sit. Maybe then casino royale. This also helps prepare us for daniel craig's fifth and final bond. No time to die coming out here in a couple of weeks. I've already done my homework. I was inspired to rewatch casino. Royale for the first time since two thousand six when it was reviewed here on the show by our recent film spotting family bonus content. Discussion of sean. Connery's second feature as bonn from russia with love. And i even then followed it up with quantum of solace which i now think. I was too hard on back when that came out. I'm all in on craig as bond you are and i've mentioned i just don't know how you could argue. There's a better bond at least a better bond than the one we get in two thousand six casino royale so i look forward to watching it again here in preparation for this discussion will see what you think of it. I mean i know you haven't revisited. Timothy dalton or pierce brosnan so. I don't know how you can be so presumptuous. Such claim craig bob until you do that homework. Adam yeah yeah. You got me there josh. That brings us to our latest deeply. Flawed film spotting pull. That is trademark. Don't worry it's registered. We couldn't help ourselves with daniel. Craig going into bond retirement. We had to join the cacophony of voices posing this question. Who should be the next bond now. Before we share the options we provided a few things. We consider him by we. I mean mostly our producer. Sam i think he spent about three days on this full question so tortured. Poor sam was so tortured and yet and yet for all the thinking that went into it he still got hit with all the accusations of who overlooked all the mistakes he made. That just comes with the territory. Sim sim knew that when he took the job that he would be in peril. Not unlike bond himself. So i we did go with all brits. It just seemed. It seemed like a bridge too far to me. Josh to be throwing an american into the mix as james bond call me. Call me a purist. Nobody wants that no. We did also try to keep age in mind. We're not going to see another bond movie for what three or four years. Most first-time bonds have been in their early. mid thirties. connery was thirty. Three craig was thirty. Eight roger moore sixty seven. I think the joke goes. We did however include a couple of actors in their early to mid forties so again flaws abound a name. We left off our list. Someone long disgust as perfect bond. Material interests elba. He turns fifty this year. No yeah we decided to old. Wow good for idris. Elba a just here on film spotting would james come after it's a beat our atlas. Yeah well you know that he will and that he certainly could so there were a lot. More considerations will jump ahead here to the options we gave you the idris elba less options we gave you for. Who should be the next bond josh. Those options are -rism ed..

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