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Why and when i overheard the conversation i feel like she walked away literally from that room feeding completely empowered and was like i know what's up with you yeah that was good do you know shayna ever reached out like reconnected with sister john so i asked her that and she said that they never really had a moment of reconciliation unfortunately but it doesn't sound like china really needed that you know but she did say that she's still writing and that sister john and mrs stout are still teaching and that something's never changed i completely hear that and speaking about teachers this all the story is also about a teacher dennis houlahan comes by way of milwaukee wisconsin from the story slums the theme of the night was wonders here's dennis life of the mall thank you the theme for the evening is wonder and on the webpage where they announced that the they gave a couple of samples they said it could be an expansive view or a small perfect instant and my story tonight falls into the small perfect instant category in april nineteen eightyone my wife and i were working in a school and better cruise mexico and the school was in a camp that was next to the construction site for the first nuclear power plant in mexico it was a dual language school the kids did half a day in english and spanish every day april nineteen eightyone they celebrate it teachers day at our school teachers day is at great holiday it's celebrated in mexico many countries around the world we don't do it here and i really think we should because teachers is about appreciating teachers.

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