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Nationwide network and get four lines each with unlimited gigs for just one hundred dollars per month. Plus get four free phones, you're next KOMO traffic at one fifty. Four. Take a look at the forecast. Clouds and rain today. Clouds and rain tomorrow morning, maybe a sun break in the afternoon, but then clouds and rain again overnight and throughout the weekend. Look for devotees to be in the mid to upper fifties. Maybe around sixty degrees overnight lows in the mid forties. Ever. It's cloudy and fifty the moment. Tacoma, clouds and fifty one clouds and fifty two in downtown Seattle. Stay connected. Stay informed. Seattle supposedly twenty four hour news station. Komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven good afternoon. One Forty-five from the KOMO twenty four hour news center. I'm Jeff Pohjola. Bill O'neil is at the editor's desk. Here's what we're following attorney. Michael avocado could face a sentence of three hundred thirty five years in prison. If convicted of charges in thirty-six count federal indictment the indictment handed down today in Los Angeles alleges that an stole millions of dollars from clients didn't pay taxes committed Bank fraud and lied during bankruptcy proceedings. A blizzard is knocked at electric city to tens of thousands of people in the northern plains is a powerful storm system. Sweeps across the central US officials say about twenty eight thousand people and businesses are without power and Minnesota and South Dakota will another eighty five hundred or dark in Iowa. The there's word that American media is actively seeking to sell off the National Enquirer and the tabloids reporting tactics, maybe at the center of the move Washington Post senior editor Mark Fisher.

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