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World. Expert of Dan Rather joined by me and miles emmy nominated right God was going backwards again i. This is an experts on expert edition of the show and we have been longtime interested in conspiracy theories ask and boy do we find the perfect person? David Ferrier is a New Zealand journalists and he directed this amazing documentary. We'd love called tickled and he also has a show on Netflix called dark tourists. But today he is here to talk to us about conspiracy theories and you can go read all of his great work on this topic at Web Worm Dot C. Show. That's where he breaks down conspiracy theories I have to say of the mini episodes we've done. Yeah. This was the most just like titillated I ever was yes this is such a wormhole. Near seat theories like they just go and go and go and you can get really sucked in and I also feel like there's a big degree of baider-meinhof since we talked to him I feel like it's popping up everywhere and everyone's curious about all these different conspiracy theories so. Good timing please enjoy David. Farrier. We are supported by better help. If you think you may be depressed or you're feeling anxious stressed or overwhelmed better help offers licensed professional counselors who are trained to listen in to help. Now I have been all of those things recently. Yeah. Yeah, and boy oh boy did I need to talk to somebody who.

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