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Open but with varying hours three communities ninety six point five W. D. B. L. ninety third annual Macy's thanksgiving day parade just steps off in New York tomorrow it's expected to be windy raising a question of whether it's a giant balloons can even fly character balloons have been a fixture of the Macy's thanksgiving day parade since nineteen twenty seven they've only been grounded once in nineteen seventy one even if gusty winds keep them from flying this year and my PT chief Terrence Monahan offered this reassurance and it's going to be across that route this is going to be a great parade if the balloon has to come off the route is still a lot of other entertainers that Amy coming down or out of the border Kelly Rowland and the Tasha betting field among them three and a half million people are expected to line the way from the Upper West Side to Macy's in Herald square Aron Kader ski ABC news New York something to be thankful for this week with all the traffic were expected to see on this thanksgiving eve here's a bit of good news about construction from FDOT observance of the thanksgiving holiday all lane closures on I. four will be suspended beginning at six AM this morning through ten PM Sunday December first you may still see some crews working outside of the travel lanes so please be sure to continue to drive cautiously in a work zone remember do you want to stick to this posted speed limit in those work tones that's the news from after not only doesn't love free coffee you can grab a free one at Florida's turnpike service plazas to stay awake on late night holiday time Dr the job will be available at shell locations on the turnpike as well as the Turkey like canoe creek fort drum fort Pierce and west Palm Beach service plaza lobbies you can get them starting at eleven PM tonight until six AM tomorrow morning nine of course while I served coffee all the time of course is good though a preference southerly Dave parks before talking about more more people on the road to do you don't know where they're going we want we want to stress that is more than usual right because we always have Taurus here in Orlando but now we have even more Taurus Orlando because we are the number one thanksgiving destination in the country and is in our weather is that our weather proving that it should be all right twelve await on land is this a new traffic and weather every six minutes for you Jackie is scanning all your delays in the second after rescue McRaney forecast it is going to be a beautiful warmer afternoon across central Florida on this Wednesday under mostly sunny skies were up to eighty degrees for the daytime high will be dry which is great for any travel plans for tonight remaining mild or the morning low tomorrow sixty one thanksgiving afternoon is also on the warmer side mostly sunny skies again the high eighty one degree optional ninety urologist rusty book rainy rusty it's perfect outside at seventy five degrees and sunny here in Orlando send it over to Jackie Brian to say Ted security triple team traffic center we've got plenty of delays this only hand Dr start with the good news that crash on the turnpike is cleared off to the right shoulder so if you're heading south and you're gonna get the lace.

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