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Deck of cards. In the store in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, finally opened this guy and his son were the lucky ones. I don't know about the next one if we do it again, but but for the first time, it was good. What's Thanksgiving, he said, if not time with family either around the table or bundled up on the sidewalk. Aaron Kotowski, ABC NEWS New YORK in Ohio, those stores will close at 10 P.m. tonight, Tonto. Follow that 10 p.m. to 5 A.m. guideline for retail businesses that curfew rather This weekend is also expected to to be busy and John Glenn International Airport weeks. Public health officials warned not to travel, but more than six million people still flew for the holiday. Tens of millions more on the road. Though air travel is down dramatically from last year Wednesday saw the most people screamed at CSC checkpoints since the start of the pandemic. Meanwhile, Delta Airlines is canceling some flights over this time period due to a pilot shortage. They scrubbed around 300 flights on Thursday and canceled about half that number. Once again today, the airline has apologized to their customers for the inconvenience incited those staffing issues. Jobless claims are on the rise in Ohio, the state Department of Job and Family Services, says 30,177 1st time filers were reported last week. The total number of jobless claims filed in Ohio over the last 36 weeks is quickly approaching two million, which is more than the combined total of all those files over the past four years. As Corona virus continues to impact the economy that may some, a major annual college football event scheduled for just after Christmas is now no longer going to be held. Open cancelations continue in college football. Now a bowl game has been eliminated for next month played every year since 2010. The new era pinstripe bowl at Yankee Stadium will not take place because has a statement shared Due to the recent increase in Corona virus cases, which has led to the imposition of various travel restrictions on the cancelation of many college football games, including those in the Big 10 and a cc conferences. They say they've made the decision out of an abundance of caution and in conjunction with both conferences to cancel the 2020 new era pinstripe ball, it said. We look forward to hosting the new era Pinstripe bowl with an enthusiastic crowd filling Yankee Stadium and 2021. Jarod, Max. Fox News Use radio 6 10 Tell the new TV End Sport This mark. I update her service. Anthony Thomas Chocolate Buckeyes, Ohio State of Illinois tomorrow. The game's still ago despite reports that some positive covert tests with the Buckeyes New kick on FS one. Our best Buckeye coverage takes ER nine in the morning. Two big names in the NFL dealing with Kobe Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Both testing positive. Cruise Sunday. Hosts Nashville in the Eastern Conference semis reports out that the crew have had four positive tests on their roster. Good news for the basketball Buckeyes. They land a commitment from guard Bruce Thornton out of Georgia. He's ranked as one of the best point guards in the country in the 2022 recruiting class from the central Ohio Haman dealer. Sports Test Matt Recordings radio 6 10 w T V N I'm Alison Wyatt stay connected to Columbus on the hour at the half, and as news breaks, mostly cloudy Skilling's For the rest of the afternoon. We'll see Partly cloudy and cold tonight. A low of 34 currently It's 51 degrees..

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